Internationally Awarded and Recognized by NATGEO, Lonely Planet, Ashoka Changemakers, Give2Asia, UNESCAP, and more!
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GER to GER's eco-friendly rural operations leave virtually no carbon footprints beyond normal traditional practices.
Locals maintain 99% of GER to GER's nationwide operations.
Today more than 100+ jobs have been created for rural inhabitants.
All community assets are being mobilized into productive social economic usages.
Averagely 80% of GER to GER's annual revenues are re-invested into rural advancement both Domestically and Internationally! As of today, $200,000+ USD have been directly allocated to participating nomadic families across Mongolia.
With 6,000+ travelers, GER to GER maintains over 99% health and safety via its pre-departure trainings apart of our Responsible Travel Mission.
Responsible Community Based Cultural Eco Tourism at its Best!

Individual Trips
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GER to GER Individual Trips are community-made itineraries that are suitable to all budgets and interests that focuses on small groups (1-8) throughout Mongolia traveling with nomadic families across vast geographic distances like Mongolian Nomads.

Support Mission: assist networks of rural communities and nomadic populations to generate alternative incomes via the tourism industry while ensuring individual travelers are all responsibly trained on the destination, families, culture, health and safety, language, etc., prior to departure. 

Group Trips
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GER to GER Group Trips are custom tailored to offer you the best combination of Mongolia's highlights, community travel routes as well as experiencing the adventure of overland 4x4 travel throughout Mongolia; these have been designed these itineraries with the "traveler in mind".

 Support Mission: assist networks of rural communities and nomadic populations in generating alternative incomes via the tourism industry while meeting the leisure aspects of travel and tourism.

Special Interest
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We have combined the best of our expertise, community assets with your desires to pursue diverse range of activitiesIf you are interested in photo safaris, learning ethnic culinary, horseback and trekking expeditions, we have them and more! Feel free to contact our office directly for further inquiries beyond our website.

 Support Mission: assist networks of rural communities and nomadic populations in generating alternative incomes via uniquely designed and limited offered itineraries.

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Greetings from GER to GER MONGOLIA!!!

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In the tradition of being: 

Lonely Planet's “...most innovative tourism concept in Mongolia, the Ger to Ger Programme should be near the top of every traveller’s wish list...” 
2008-2014 LONELY PLANET Publications

National Geographic Society's Top 10 Global GeoTourism Finalist,
one of the "World's Innovative Travel Entrepreneurs", GeoTourism Ambassador
and listed #8 National Geographic's "World's Best Travel Experiences
- Out of the Ordinary Stays"

Today you are on your way to becoming an AWESOME kick-starter, crowd-funder and cultural GeoTourism Ambassador! Together we can all take the stand for ethically sustained tangible results!

Some Featured Online International Reviews, Articles and Honors:
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National Geographic Society Explorers Take Action
Our Achievements
Our Succeses

National Geographic Society Explorers Take Action

National Geographic Society's | Explorers Take Action

National Geographic's Explorers Take features hundreds of amazing efforts to reduce human suffering, protect plants and animals, preserve cultures, and more. National Geographic has launched a sweeping new website to highlight and support the heroic work being done by nonprofits around the world to solve problems facing people and nature. The Explorers Take Action connects people to causes and grassroots projects, enabling those who want to do good to volunteer, donate, advocate, and spread the word about on-the-ground efforts to improve our planet.

Sharing our passion for travel, exploration and development.

In 2009-10, Ger to Ger Foundation and Agency were selected among hundreds of companies and initiatives from around the world that highlighted the main criteria of National Geograpahic's and Ashoka Changemaker's Global GeoTourism Challenge called the "Power of Place" Sustaining the Future of Destinations.

Geotourism adds to sustainability principles by building on a destination's geographical character, its "sense of place," to emphasize the distinctiveness of its locale and benefit visitor and resident alike.

Geotourism is synergistic: All the elements of geographical character work together to create a tourist experience that is richer than the sum of its parts, appealing to visitors with diverse interests.

It involves the community. Local businesses and civic groups join to provide a distinctive, authentic visitor experience.

It informs both visitors and hosts. Residents discover their own heritage by learning that things they take for granted may be interesting to outsiders. As local people develop pride and skill in showing off their locale, tourists get more out of their visit.

It benefits residents economically. Travel businesses hire local workers, and use local services, products, and supplies. When community members understand the benefits of geotourism, they take responsibility for destination stewardship.

It supports integrity of place. Destination-savvy travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the locale. In return, local stakeholders who receive economic benefits appreciate and protect the value of those assets.

It means great trips. Enthusiastic visitors bring home new knowledge. Their stories encourage friends and relatives to experience the same thing, which brings continuing business for the destination.

Our Achievements

At GER to GER we operate as travel industry experts, social economic developers and film media specialists supporting Mongolia's nomadic populations and their rural communities. Via the diversity of our skills within our Agency, we assist our communities throughout Mongolia to systematically link to the greater international tourism industry in order to generate greatly needed alternative incomes to sustain their livelihoods. On and off for a course of three years prior to its rapid and successfully implementation in June 2005, GER to GER was designed uniquely for Mongolia. Since then, GER to GER has successfully expanded across 11,000 square kilometers of Mongolia (around 10 Provinces). Within our operational locations, GER to GER spans across a very massive geographic terrain of mountains, deserts, river valleys, pasture lands, steppes and more! You can only begin to imagine what awesome cultural eco adventures we all have designed.

Today GER to GER (traditional nomadic dwelling) has become Mongolia’s only and last surviving internationally donor funded community-based tourism initiative (according to its original master plan - I'm still here) to successfully maintain its sustainability via private sector. GER to GER has become the definitive cultural eco tourism agency for rural communities, inhabitants and nomadic families to systematically link to the global tourism industry as well for international travelers and operators to ethically link and support Responsible Tourism in Mongolia. Since June 2005 till today, GER to GER continues to be officially recognized by a wide variety of international institutions and like-minded individuals that includes the Swiss Agency for International Development (SDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mercy Corps International, Recording Artist Ms. Loreena McKennitt, Asian Foundation’s, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), National Geographic Society USA-D.C., National Geographic Society’s Explorers Take Action, Ashoka Changemakers, Global Giving, WHL Travel, Lonely Planet, Rough Riders, Trailblazers and more!

With our local travel knowledge and rural human resources that span vast geographical terrains coupled with our multi-industry development expertise, it allows us to custom tailor travel experiences effectively with communities thus ensuring eco sensitivity, less impact on culture, value for money, etc. By partnering with GER to GER you will be directly supporting our Responsible Eco Tourism mission throughout Mongolia & beyond and in return highlighting your commitment towards Responsible Travel and Tourism; KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS - purchase locally, purchase ethically and purchase responsibly!


Our Succeses

Know the GER to GER Difference; here are some of our Successes:

  • 99% rurally operated
  • Expanded across 11,000 sq. kilometers of Mongolia
  • Rural operations leave virtually no carbon footprints
  • At own expense over 99% of human resources are being trained by GER to GER now
  • With 6,000+ travelers, GER to GER maintains over 99% health & safety via its pre-depature Responsible Travel trainings
  • GER to GER continues to finance/joint-finance social economic initiatives for nomadic communities
  • Assisted 26 families, in Gobi Region, during massive climatic winter disaster (food, hay, etc.)
  • Carried out open health clinic for 4,000+ locals in association with a Korean Doctors without borders N.G.O.
  • Assisted over 50+ children to access higher education
  • Continues to assist in job market diversification
  • Today more than 100+ jobs have been created for rural inhabitants
  • Annually, with partners, 200+ bags of trash are being collected as apart of our river conservation initiative
  • As of today, $200,000+ USD have been directly allocated to participating nomadic families across Mongolia
  • And more! 


GER to GER Honors and Accolades
Within less than a decade, GER to GER has arisen both domestically and internationally as a competitive social economic development initiative that successfully taps the mainstream tourism industry in order to maintain its sustainability; this has led to numerous international honors and accolades. 


GER to GER Social Economic Development
Social economic development being the heart and soul of our operational endeavors, this is broken-down tangibly by both direct (us) and indirect (everyone else). With 50+ projects, majority of annual revenues going "directly" to rural advancement, in addition to travelers' massive income disbursement into Mongolia's economy, etc., this page honors our works and those that have supported our initiatives.



GER to GER in the PRESS
Who doesn't like to show-off a little bit? WE ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT! :) Over the years we have had numerous of wonderful articles both on and offline written about GER to GER and we have dedicated this area of our website to share them with you all! Enjoy!