1. Who Are We? Welcome to GER to GER Mongolia!

GER to GER is UNESCAP’s, National Geographic Society’s, etc., only officially recognized Mongolian Geotourism Agency – CSR Initiatives; community based tourism trips (location specific cultural adventures) and packaged-trips (more for leisure explorers; regional expeditions) along 11,000 sq.kms of mountains, deserts, steppes, etc., that preps you to become Ethnographic Explorers for nomad centered community based tourism/rural exploration. Along GER to GER you to travel like early explorers i.e. Marco Polo or Roy Chapman Andrews from nomadic family to nomadic family across vast and epic geographical terrains as done since the ancient days; before and after Mongolia’s Great Emperor, Chingis Khan.

GER to GER also provides professional film and tv production logistics that includes all pre-production, production and post production logistical support; Emmy/DGA awarded CBS’s The Amazing Race, etc.

GER to GER Experts are internationally recognized industry professionals – filmmakers, explorers, social economic developers and humanitarians that design travel experiences for ‘Ethnographic Explorers’. Ethnographic Explorers are those that wish to have deeper genuine and intimate cultural experiences (as the locals truly live and interact with their environs) than theme-park sightseeing tourists or travelers; 100% controlled environments.


2. What Do We Do? 100% Ethnographic Explorations – The First Step: Understanding the Difference Between “Typical Tourists” & Ethnographic Explorers

GER to GER Definition of “Ethnographic Exploration” – a non-touristic method of exploring cultures and remote geographies which aims to train the “Typical Tourists” to become culturally sensitive ethnographic explorers, cultural ambassadors, humanitarians and social economic developers; itineraries are ONLY for basic guidance, its not the sum of our travel as nomadic families lifestyle’s are guided by seasons, weather, etc., and at different times it requires them to alter experiences based on “Life & Survival” – yes, Empathy/Understanding are required. We, Ethnographic Explorers, seek these cultural/life-expereinces that are not written on standard itineraries to enrich our explorations. GER to GER specialists are multi-practice experts with decades of experiences, 100s if not 1000s of “out-in-the-field” projects, in developing countries; it is only for passion for social economic development that we share our knowledge, experiences and know-how with our clients and communities. GER to GER is the “Real Deal” – real experts, real nomadic families, real explorations, real experiences – it is not GER to GER’s mission to develop fake communities, fake experiences and fake tourism; that’s for theme parks (which I do enjoy if that’s the experience I am desiring).

Ethnographic Explorer/Humanitarian Liability Note: Simply, Ethnographic Explorers love this sort of Advance Ethnographic/Cultural Exploration (over 90% of GER to GER’s annual clients) – as its a combination of the planned itinerary with plenty of random experiences. However, “Typical Tourists”… generally their heads explode as they can’t handle random experiences in their travel plans; and yes, “Typical Tourists” love their Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet’ Thorn Tree Rants. Every year GER to GER averages a few tourists per year (easy to calculate – just look at the post dates and calculate the number posts per year, there are not that many considering GER to GER averages more than a few hundred travelers per year. Which means, yes, GER to GER has way more successes per year [avg. over 90%] than dramatized failures [10% +/-] written by the “Typical Tourists”). “The Typical Tourists” are generally the ones that love to over dramatize everything via Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet Thorn Tree rants; hey I know – we’re all human, I just wished they had chosen another Agency than ours. Hopefully these Typical Tourists will do more research and make a wiser decision next time instead of blaming other organizations like us post-trip… Nonetheless, its just sad these “Typical Tourists” missed such wonderful opportunities to become Ethnographic Explorers by strictly trying to follow every word, punctuation mark, etc., in the sentences of a given itinerary instead of going with the flow and experiencing the random cultural immersion opportunities and adventures. Anyhow, we try our best to assist everyone pre-booking, during a two hour pre-trip departure training workshop, etc., can’t satisfy everyone…

Now, this is your rare opportunity to graduate, leave the “Typical Tourist Mentality” behind and join the ranks of Ethnographic Explorers – if you desire. Right now, you are only a few clicks away from amazing cultural eco adventures along nomadic travel routes across the Gobi Desert, vast open Steppes, river valleys and mountain passes by horseback riding, camels, ox carts, trekking, visiting home-stays and more with nomadic families across Mongolia.

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You are on your way to becoming a responsible explorer, cultural ecotourism ambassador and change-maker!

Safety and Expertise via Sustainable GeoTourism Agency

In 10 years, well over 6,000+ international travelers have been trained and traveled Responsibly across Mongolia;
GER to GER continues to maintain its rural health and safety scorecard at 99%+ Success!



What is GER to GER?

Hi my name is Mr. Zanjan Fromer (professional filmmaker, marketer, industry specialist, social economic developer and humanitarian) USA Alaskan Native and Founder/CEO of GER to GER Agency and Foundation, I operate nationwide ecotourism initiatives across Mongolia with my long-time partner and co-founder, Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt (industry specialist and humanitarian), we offer individual trips, packaged trips and special interest trips that are eco-friendly with the mission of sustaining the destinations. We are specialized in providing a truly unique method of experiencing Mongolia; travelers will receive a pre-departure Responsible Travel training workshop before their overland expeditions and/or nomadic family centered, point to point, cultural eco adventure with Mongolian nomads across vast geographical terrains (deserts, mountains, river valleys, steppes, etc.) by horseback, camels, ox carts, trekking and more! As a team we have successfully established nationwide community-based ecotourism travel routes that extends 11,000 square kilometers (7,000+ miles) across 10 Provinces or States of Mongolia’s geographical terrains.

Imagine how the ancient explorers of the past traveled the globe i.e. Marco Polo, Roy Chapman Andrews, etc., the raw sense of cultural immersion with the locals, the adventure and excitement of the expedition! That’s GER to GER, a fusion of ancient and modern day experiences; an ancient nomadic lifestyle existing in a remote corner of the world in-between Russia and China. GER to GER responsibly shares knowledge with the locals and all travelers (pre-departure) to ensure that as you travel with the nomads across vast geographies that includes deserts, mountains, river valleys, open and vast Mongolian Steppes, your travel mentality is that of an early Explorer; rather than your standard “Tourist” or “Backpacker”. This sort of trip is perfect for those travelers wishing to experience travel like a Mongolian and immersing themselves into their daily nuances (lifestyle, etc.) like the early Explorers. GER to GER is suitable for avid adventurers, humanitarians, individuals, couples, groups and families both young and old that are wishing for a unique local adventure that will take you along an itinerary but also has the flexibility to take you on those unexpected cultural and exploring detours which makes it often a more authentic cultural ecotourism experience.



Are You Ready to Explore Mongolia!

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Finances from trips helps support our Humanitarian and Social Economic Development Initiatives

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 Be Culturally Smart, Travel Locally Smart and

Globally be a Humanitarian!

Mongolian Proverb “A Person with a Tongue is a Person with Feet”; If you speak with comprehension you will go far

Mongolian Proverb “If the Master Endeavors, Destiny shall Endeavor”; Strive for life and Life will strive for you


Experience GER to GER Mongolia - An Ancient Legacy

Experience GER to GER Mongolia – An Ancient Legacy


More than a million dollars have been directly injected into Mongolia’s local economies, 100s of human resources across the country have been trained and new job markets created by our social economic value and supply chain advancement methodologies via Sustainable GeoTourism.

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Nearly a Decade of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Travel to Support Rural Nomadic Families Across Mongolia

Our package trips are designed for travel agencies that sustains our organization, however, our independent trips responsibly returns approximately 70%-80% of generated annual revenues to the locals as apart of our sustainable livelihoods Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mission which is audited by the Mongolian Government. GER to GER is proud to be Mongolia’s first Tour Operator/Agency that was designed to incorporate a strong CSR Mission into its overall nationwide operations. In accordance, The GER to GER Foundation, an official Mongolian Government certified Humanitarian NGO, continues to operate via its own funding and by in-kind donations made to it through our partnership with Give2Asa; a globally recognized USA 501c3 charity organization. GER to GER Foundation has been successfully audited by numerous international agencies (including but not limited to): Swiss Agency for International Development, United States Agency for International Development, The Asian Foundation, and more.

Annually, GER to GER manages the involvement of both direct/indirect local human resources totaling 1,000+/- in addition to the 100s of annual international travelers is a testament to our operational logistical capabilities; the very same capabilities used towards managing 100s of successful projects and programs. Today, as we continue to operate across Mongolia’s vast geographical terrains we are furthering our social economic development goals.

Today, GER to GER is well established as Mongolia’s leading CSR Agency/Operator with a Global Visibility exceeding 80% of the world’s territories via our online and offline works; from rural locations throughout Mongolia all the way up to the global social economic supply and value chains around the world (ITB Germany, WTM and Adventure Travel Show London, Hong Kong, COTTM China, etc.).