The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals EQUALLY applies for Mongolia’s Nomadic Communities


external influences;

empathy is the key component to travel

EVERYONE MUST UNDERSTAND when traveling in Mongolia – nomadic families are not some sort of Disney attraction but rather real people desperately trying to survive in some of the world’s most harshest weather conditions and geographic terrains (no rain, trekking 5 to 15 kilometers for water, minus 60 degree winters storms, plus 40 degree summers, etc.). For example, a well known “Blog/Troll for Benefits” (Fresh Coffee Stains) never considered the negative impacts of her “unethical works” across a region of Mongolia where the nomadic families have been greatly suffering to survive for years – and today – most of those families that she trolled have left that region of Mongolia’s Gobi and gave up their traditional nomadic lifestyles for villages, etc. Many might wonder – “so what? what’s the impacts?!” – well it’s pretty simple. Mongolia’s 3 main GDPs besides mining is: 1) Meat 2) Cashmere 3) Tourism – and at the center of all THREE GDPs are nomadic families. If Mongolia’s nomadic families social economics become destabilized by unethical travelers/competitors/etc., – then that is a “Direct Negative External Influence” on Mongolia’s National Social Economic Security; its direct ability to feed, clothe and take care of itself. GER to GER was established to assist these nomadic families to ethically learn and sustainably link to the tourism industry to help survive… but now beyond “weather” and other “natural disasters” nomadic families have new External Influences to worry about that threatens their stability; “unethical travelers, trolls and competitors”.

In relation to weather – here is one example from 1000s that I can give – if you see an incredible sand-storm, dust, etc., then you immediately know that there isn’t enough rain which means animals will be irritable as grass/pasture is extremely poor (desertification), nomadic families will be chasing rain with their livestocks that means only the wife may be at home with the children for days/weeks alone, nomadic families are worried about their survivability, they’re exhausted and SO MUCH MORE… They do not need Unethical People’s issues… hence it’s best to take it easy, not go out riding (especially on animals that are hungry, irritable, etc.), enjoy shorter treks (or their offers to do a little driving) to not burden the nomadic families too much as they are already exhausted yet trying to be hospitable – it’s NOT Disney Land folks… so please don’t be trolling these nomadic families’ “Live Like a Local” NOR me or our local staff who are all very welcoming/helping towards every person that walks into our office – like you are budget-scamming tourist at a “Florida Amusement Park” that didn’t know the realities and desire refunds, etc. We all know that my team has personally spent hours with every person to best assist them to comprehend ‘the vast variety of realities of rural Mongolia’ both online and offline; we also all know that the only people who proceed with trolling/extortion reviews are those with an alternative defraud agenda. As we stated everywhere (websites, brochures, leaflets, handbooks, 2 hour training workshop, emails, etc.) – “Live Like a Local” means just that (live how “they” live), it’s not a tour – if you desire a tour then we have many incredible Overland Expeditions that are just amazing! 🙂

So please do be a “responsible traveler” and wisely use our “Knowledge Corner” as it provides 100% transparency, tons of guidance, knowledge resources, regular info updates, etc.

Thank You!

Mr. Fromer, Founder of GER to GER GEOtourism


2015 - Present

Ih Gazriin Chuluu Route

ATTENTION CLIMATIC INFLUENCES (Acts of God/Weather/etc.): Please note that any/all references to animal transportation (horses, camels, etc.) are currently unavailable owing to the recent years summer droughts/winter storms (etc.); from 2017-19, GER to GER can not NOR has not guaranteed this – HENCE – it’s mainly promoted as a “Trekking Route”. Please kindly respect the challenges that nomadic families are facing in recent years – in fact – currently there are only a couple families that have remained in this area as all other nomadic families have migrated away from this area permanently to the villages and/or to other provinces. Currently GER to GER is trying its best to support the remaining handful of nomadic families in this location – so indeed –  every purchase can definitely make a difference, however, every traveler must be aware of this situation and must be flexible to allow the nomadic families to alter the itinerary as needed to ensure their local stability; travel methods, distance, etc. Thank YOU for kindly understanding.

2015 - Present

Uush Sand Dunes Route

Being the same general region as Ih Gazriin Chuluu – Uush Sand Dunes have also face numerous seasonal climatic disasters. From 2019, GER to GER is temporary NOT offering this region in hopes that the nomadic families can find new pastures for the livestock in order to sustain their traditional nomadic lifestyle. 


Dundgobi Province

The following “Live Like a Local” Nomadic Family Routes will not be in operation this 2019 owing to climatic influences on the nomadic families and travelers’ inability to be empathetic towards these families in accordance with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Trek Ancient Ocean Canyons (Selective Operations pending quality of travelers)
  • Uush Sand Dunes
  • Great Gobi Nomadic Quest
  • Saihan Ovoo

All of us at GER to GER, in order to protect our Nomadic Families, have chosen to ‘temporarily close’ certain routes in Mongolia until travelers are able to become more empathetic.

Nobody likes a traveler who beats a horse while they ride it – same level of respect goes for our nomadic families… If a person beats a horse unethically we shall take the horse (nomadic families) away from those people.