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First ever financial surplus that GER to GER makes funds surgery for a Nomad; those funds didn’t go into anyone’s bonuses;
one of 1000+ reasons why we are protective of GER to GER as it changes people’s lives.




Check it out! 14+ YEARS of “real” development, KNOW the difference

Definitive LIST of how GER to GER ACTIVELY FULFILLS the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Today’s major issue in Mongolia are irresponsible tour operators/competitors unethically profiteering/gaining from the ‘responsible tourism’ brand by sabotaging Responsible Tour Operators’ markets via disruptors, trolls, scammers, etc., that use Trip Advisor to damage the alternative incomes of nomadic families via factless statements of concern that the tourism industry “damages” nomads. What truly damages nomadic families are unethical individuals/scams/dishonest reviews and lack of market distinction now between responsible and irresponsible as everyone claims to be ‘responsible’. Hence, GERtoGER is using SDGs to highlight our ‘Responsible Tourism’ methodology:

  • SDG 1 – NO POVERTY:  80% of Humanitarian Trips’ finances are returned to rural nomads, drivers, etc.; 20% towards rural communities’ marketing and workshops.
  • SDG 2 – ZERO HUNGER: We have/continue to employ nomadic families who are the poorest of the poor.
  • SDG 3 – GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: trainings on health/safety/reduce sanitation illnesses (Hepatitis A, etc.); incomes for medical insurance, visits, medication, surgeries, etc.
  • SDG 4 – QUALITY EDUCATION: Via workshops/incomes nomadic adults/children are receiving education via workshops (locals/internationals), schools, high schools and universities. 
  • SDG 5 – GENDER EQUALITY: Over 70% of our national managers are women; rurally, women care for travelers’ family experience (food, drink, etc.) while men generally guide (though some women guide). 
  • SDG 6 – CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION: (TRAINING/OPERATIONS) 1) nomads/travelers – “Leave No Trace” 2) waste management to mitigate watershed damages along routes, etc.
  • SDG 7 – AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY: assisted all nomadic families to obtain savings accounts across Mongolia – credit histories used for financial services/small-loans to procure solar/wind powered units. 
  • SDG 8 – DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH:  Social economic development via tourism while combatting negative aspects of open market growth.  Over 90% of HR are rural; via “Geotourism” we strengthen rural supply chains. 
  • SDG 9 – INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE:  “GER to GER” is the Mongol Empire’s ancient “kinetic supply chain” – today this ancient supply chain advances Mongolia’s social economic aspirations. 
  • SDG 10 – REDUCE INEQUALITIES: In addition to financial equality, SDG initiatives in Mongolia and abroad – for the last 6+ years we’ve been tracking, mapping, countering, etc., a variety of “inequalities” from Asia to EU to mitigate home-grown issues across multiple countries/internet-platforms.
  • SDG 11 – SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES:  GERtoGER meshes “kinetic” and “static” supply chains into itineraries, products, etc., towards advancing social economic development. GERtoGER’s founder has spent 23+ years assisting Mongolia through its post-Soviet transitional development (tourism, meat, cashmere) – first USAID funded “The Competitiveness Initiative”. 
  • SDG 12 – RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION: 1) travelers are trained on “subsistence nomadic lifestyles, traditions, history, etc.” 2) nomadic tribes are provided with cashmere-alternatives owing to overgrazing issues (sharp increase in goat numbers); sustainable eco-incomes vs. land degradation incomes that impacts nomadism, livestock, GDPs, nature/environment.
  • SDG 13 – CLIMATE ACTION: We have conducted Nomad Relief Efforts during climatic disasters; films, media pieces, awareness campaigns, etc. 2) We established networks ‘that can’ monitor trends (goats, desertification, watershed situations, weather impacts on land degradation, etc.)
  • SDG 14 – LIFE BELOW WATER: Via workshops all herder/travelers are trained about the importance of water resources in relation to mitigating waste related issues, etc. Though Mongolia may not have oceans – the quality of Mongolia’s watersheds are vital to nomadic populations throughout the country. Mr. Fromer assisted USAID Gobi Initiative’s “Watershed Monitoring” program works as the quality of the watersheds directly impacts Mongolia’s GDPs (cashmere, meat, tourism) as nomadic families are the core “node” of all three industries.
  • SDG 15 – LIFE ON LAND: Via workshops herders/travelers are trained about the importance of land resources in relation to mitigating waste related issues, watershed impacts on land quality, weather/climatic degradation of land, etc., in addition to serious issues pertaining to overgrazing, etc., GER to GER has established nomadic networks ‘that can’ monitor such remote concerns (GDP concerns).
  • SDG 16 – PEACE, JUSTICE, AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS: We promote the UN’s UDHRs within Mongolia, social media, etc. Mr. Fromer encourages all countries to “maintain the peace” via making the general public aware of social-issues (extremists, oppression OPS, racial hate CRIMES, etc.) that may indeed hinder social economic development. 
  • SDG 17 – PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS: Via social media networks (Facebooking, Twitter, etc.), partners, donors, etc., we proactively expand our initiatives.
    • established by GER to GER and the Founder, this new Initiative is being launched by “The Global Practitioners” to assist International CBTs, CSR Initiatives, alternative community travel networks and Geotourism Initiatives
    • under the GERtoGER Foundation this new Initiative aims to match Global Issues of the aforementioned “MDGs/SDGs” that require exposure to better link with like-minded organizations.

Responsible Travel Notes: 

All Humanitarian Trips and Homestays are 100% “Reality Trips” that are managed and operated by locals and nomadic families; GER to GER Office operates ONLY AS A Humanitarian “Travel Agent” for communities (non-tour operator).

GER to GER humanitarian trips is about “Reality” – real families, real lifestyles, real situation, etc. (who are the Mongols? And not about our expectations).

GER to GER humanitarian trips are not an amusement park experience – it’s about awareness/respecting nomadic lifestyle and learning “their ways” (not ours), etc.

GER to GER is an opportunity for people to learn how to integrate within other cultures vs. other cultures catering to our international norms and standards that we have become overly accustomed too and demand others to adhere too (like paid entertainment slaves).

GER to GER has generated over a Million USD towards Mongolia’s social economic development via supply-chain synergies and provides over 80% of its revenues toward rural nomadic families that greatly need this alternative income source.

This is WHY I’m ACTIVELY PROTECTING rural nomadic tribes’ social economic development efforts from trolls, scammers, disruptors, etc.

The main reason I willfully placed myself in-between the scammers/trolls and the rural nomadic communities is simply for the following reasons: 1) We internationals have more experience in the concept of “costumer services/responsible tourism” than rural nomadic tribes 2) We TRAIN every foreigner that desires to travel via GER to GER Humanitarian Trips with rural nomadic tribes 3) We have a 13 LEVELS of VERIFICATIONS that ensures that the traveler 100% COMPREHENDS that Humanitarian Trips ARE NOT packaged holiday trips 4) ALL foreign travelers 100% know how we operate and why… etc.

SO there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for the level of scams/fraud/negative being generated by con-artists with unethical agendas…

If I don’t protect our works/nomadic families, who will?

  • DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS GER to GER’s Community Based Tourism Initiative is one of the World’s first sustained ‘Social Enterprises’ that is 100% rurally managed with an operational history longer than a decade.
  • DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS 99% of GER to GER’s human resources are all rurally based; advancing and diversifying rural supply chains and its nodes.
  • DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS GER to GER procures 99% of its food, drinks and other supplies from rural businesses thus strengthening rural economic development.
  • DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS GER to GER has generated well past 1 Million USD for Mongolia’s overall social economic development via replication factors along supply chains (rural, village, provincial, regional, national, etc.).
  • DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS GER to GER annually carries out about 10 short-term nationwide “humanitarian projects” as apart of its itineraries with some of its international partners. This includes but not limited to renovations towards rural schools and kindergartens, procurement of educational materials for secondary schools and SO MUCH MORE…
  • SAFETY NETWORKS in times of extreme natural disasters GER to GER has fund-raised and supported rural “nomadic relief” efforts that have assisted in stabilization of nomadic families; winter storms, etc.
  • MINIMAL IMPACT METHODS GER to GER has provided free consultations AND professionally trained 1000s on Responsible Travel, etc.; these services were provided to both locals & internationals that sometimes took hours; maps, travel routes, plans, budgeting, transportation methods, etc. Travelers are being Professionally trained in humanitarian 101; outback to international social economic supply/value chain analysis and mapping; country info; history and important highlights; customer vs. cultural service; DOs and DON’Ts; cultural and cross-cultural analysis/studies; nomadic lifestyle; “Leave No Trace Travel” – environmental protection; activity health/safety – horseback, trekking, etc.; wildlife awareness – wolves, snakes, insects, etc.; extreme situational “survival 101” in relation to weather, terrains, navigation (sun, terrain, vegetation, geographical terrain vectoring, etc.), physical, mental and medical; risk mitigation/management; emergency COMMs methodology; itinerary confirmation; language; and more.).
  • SAFETY NETWORKS of nomadic families, community members, etc., across steppes, pastures, mountains, deserts, etc.
  • SAFETY NETWORKS have maintained a “ZERO NEGLIGENCE” safety web for travelers and nomads – horseback riding, camel riding, etc.
  • MINIMAL IMPACT METHODS to provided plenty of opportunities to PROACTIVELY participate in the daily life of nomadic families; we teach the best method and practices to ensure you maximize your opportunities while respecting more “traditional” nomadic families’ lifestyles, etc.
  • NOMADIC NETWORKS that provided plenty of opportunities to use the family as a base camp; to go hiking, trekking and exploring the surrounding areas.
  • NOMADIC NETWORKS that provided plenty of food and drinks; generally sometimes it’s more than 3 meals a day.
  • SAFETY NETWORKS that provided plenty of COMMUNICATIONS ACCESS to contact GER to GER; we make sure that if travelers are confused/etc., that they are able to contact GER to GER Office via the nomadic families mobile phones to which we clarify and communicate the situations so that the nomadic families and travelers have clarity if required.
  • SAFETY NETWORKS that have kept GER to GER 99% Safety Record for over a DECADE.
  • DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS GER to GER generates the most incomes for rural nomadic tribes and communities across the country; with the supportive documents that are annually audited by the Mongolian Government.
  • Over 90% of clients state that hospitality, traditional customs and travel safety was excellent.

Some Successes from 1000s include:

Hashuu’s Wife

Ger to Ger saved my husband’s health in 2016… Ger to Ger paid for his entire hip replacement surgery/one month’s physical therapy treatment cost at the Korean Hospital. Today, he is working by himself and started to herd animals alone without requiring other people’s assistance; his backbone pain gone forever.”


“The benefits of working with Ger to Ger are countless.”


“Income that my family earned from tourism sector has paid for my husband’s rehab and medical treatment for his liver.”

A Nomad States

“My additional revenue from tourism industry benefitted my livestock to grow sustainably as I had no longer kill animals to pay my four children’s tuitions and my wife’s liver treatment.”

Battsetseg Gonchigdorj

“After collecting my salary for couple years, I was able to pay for my two older daughters’ university tuitions. The oldest daughter fulfilled her dream as a pre-med student and the other one studied Korean language. The young two daughters are studying in English school and high school specialized in math.”

Jargalsaikhan Purevjal

“I used my salary to purchase more animals for my family and a horse cart so I don’t need to beg other families to lend us their cart so my family can move during seasonal migration.”

Amarjargal Dorjsuren

“In 2008, my brother was killed due to unsafe working conditions in the unlicensed Nalaih mines. If my husband and I were not working at Ger to Ger, my husband could have been killed too. It’s truly wonderful that Ger to Ger assisted my family and also saved my life for my children… I’m always Appreciative.”


“In 2006, Ger to Ger invited my family to become a host family however we had no financial resources and no animals to transport travelers. Regardless of our challenges, Ger to Ger team extended their hands by recommending to rent animals and Gers from other families until we were able to procure our own.”


“We used to herd for other families for many years because we did not have our own animals. But after working with Ger to Ger our livelihoods improved and we purchased our own animals; and herding them now. Also few years ago, one of my sons had heart problem and had to have urgent surgery. If we did not work with Ger to Ger and did not earn money from tourism sector we could not have afford to pay the surgery cost and save my son. Today my son is healthy and herding animals, next year he will start studying in University.”

Tested, Tried, 100% Proven AND Traceable History

A Brief Look at Mr. Zanjan Fromer’s Timeline of Achievements, Honors and Recognitions:
  • 2018 Panelist Speaker at the USAID Funded LEAD SUMMIT (Leaders for Democracy)
  • 2017 World Travel Market London, UK – and Responsible.Tours
  • 2017 Seoul International Travel Mart Expo – and Responsible.Tours
  • 2017 COTTM, Beijing’s International Travel Exhibition  – TEAM
  • 2017 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition  –
  • 2016/17 Mongolia Producer of “Dani’s Way”; first trilateral international production between Beijing, USA and Mongolia – supported by Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 2016 World Travel Market (WTM) London, England –
  • 2016 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition  –
  • 2015 WTM London Travel International Travel Exhibition – – an Official Country Representative Company approved by the Mongolian Government
  • 2015 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition  – – an Official Country Representative Company approved by the Mongolian Government
  • 2006-Today Official Partner of Give2Asia (USA501c3)
  • 2005-Pres. IMDb Profile and Some Client Listings
  • 2014 Certified Member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  • 2008-2014 Lonely Planet “…most innovative tourism concept in Mongolia, …top of every traveller’s wish list…”
  • 2014 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor – – an Official Country Representative Company approved by the Mongolian Tourism Association
  • 2014 Adventure Travel Show London Exhibitor
  • 2014 Hong Kong Adventure International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor –
  • 2013 WTM London International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor – – an Approved Official Country Representative Company
  • 2013 Rough Guides – Meet the Locals – How to Immerse Yourself on Your Local Travels
  • 2012 COTTM Beijing, ChinaInternational Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor –
  • 2012 National Geographic’s “World’s Best Travel Experiences” #8 –
  • 2010 National Geographic Society – Geotourism Ambassadorship
  • 2010 National Geographic Society – Global Finalist Certificate
  • 2010 Honored by National Geographic as one of World’s Innovative Travel Entrepreneurs
  • 2009 Top Ten Global Finalist of National Geographic Society and Ashoka Changemakers “Power of Place” GeoTourism Challenge
  • 2009 WHL Travel’s Urban Adventures Award
  • 2009 Tour Dust’s Scholarship Award
  • 2009 National Geographic Society’s Weekend Broadcast
  • 2007 NBC UNIVERSAL STUDIO’S Syfy Channel – “Destination Truth” – Josh Gates
  • 2007 United States Agency for International Development Grant Winner
  • 2007 Officially recommended by UNESCAP at its 63rd Session – Page 14
  • 2006-07 Established the – GER to GER Fund with the Assistance of Loreena McKennitt (internationally famed Singer) and The Asian Foundation
  • 2006 National Geographic Society Washington D.C. Museum – personally requested Mr. Zanjan Fromer to make and produce the Centerpiece Film for “Mongolia: Rebirth of Traditions”
  • 2006 Official Partner of the CBS’s The Amazing Race: Season 10 Episode 2
  • 2005 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Grant Winner
  • 2005 World Bank Tender Winner – Cross-Industry Supply Chain and Competitiveness Study and Analysis
  • USAID/CHF’s Ger Initiative (Global Communities) – Tender Winner – Contracted as Project Manager/Filmmaker of over 16 short films about CHF International’s community initiatives across Mongolia
  • The Historic 2002 BIT Milan, Italy International Travel Exhibition – One of Two Official Mongolian Tourism Association/USAID Organizing Representatives (the other official representative was Michelle Morgan, C.O.P. of the USAID funded The Competitiveness Initiative) – 1st time in Mongolian History that “Mongolia” participated in an International Travel Exhibition and marketed itself as a “Country Destination” since opening its doors to the world as a democracy in 1989.
  • 2000-03 United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded The Competitiveness Initiative – Honored by Mongolia’s Tourism Association for Contributions made towards the Development of Mongolia’s Tourism Industry.
  • 1998-99 SOROS Foundation
  • 1996-97 Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment; Snow Leopard and Gobi Bear Initiatives
  • 1995-96 UN Convention on The Rights of the Child
  • 1993-95 Alaskan Sightseeing and Cruise West
  • 1992 “Close Up Foundation” Washington D.C. Selectee
  • 1990-91 Varsity Wrestling/State, Awarded “Most Improved” Sehome High School (it’s all about the champion mindset/overcoming challenges – it’s about the development process)

100% Fair Review about our Humanitarian Trips

My husband and I are in our late 30s, travel a lot, and have a pretty flexible budget so over time have taken every possible trip: guided group guided private, self guided and everything in-between. Ger to Ger is like nothing else we’ve done and became one of our best travel experiences.

We did what the Mongolia Budget Trekking Trip Through Khangai Mountain Range for 10 days in August 2016. Ger to Ger provides an orientation and a bus ticket to a starting point and from there, you rely on new family each day as your host. At each yurt/ger, you get lunch, then participate in some sort of household activity, eat dinner, spend the night in a guest ger and then next morning after breakfast get transported by the host to the next family. The families speak zero English so you communicate using gestures, phrase book and drawings, which ends up being surprisingly functional and fun. The accommodations are very basic (outhouse, no electricity, etc.) but clean and comfortable. The nature is breathtaking – the steppe is bright green, vast and pristine as families are widely dispersed to have enough pasture area for their animals.

There are a lot of negative reviews in Ger to Ger forums so we we wanted to focus on addressing a few points that come up in them. 

Owner’s Note: Actually there are only a handful of dishonest reviews (way less than 1% of GER to GER clients from 6,000+) across a timeline spanning some 7+ years on the same Lonely Planet Thorn Tree/Trip Advisor thread. It may seem a lot and all recent but they are not – maybe 1 or 2 complaints/dishonest reviews (scams) per season from 400+ travelers per year… can’t satisfy everyone, anyhow Click here to learn more

First, about the orientation (2-hour overview of the trip in Ger to Ger offices). Yes, the owner comes off a bit arrogant and his approach doesn’t really match what Westerners are accustomed to. But after you do the trip, you forgive him. The creativity and drive to build this unique type of tourism and the value he has delivered to local community and to foreigners’ ability to get to know Mongolia qualifies him for some serious slack . Plus, we think some of his behavior is intentionally theatrical to get tourists in the mindset to not expect hand holding – the whole point of this type of a trip.

Owner’s Note: We only have a couple hours to train you what typically takes days of professionally training – so it’s our goal to create “thought provocative” curriculums and it could be an information overload for some; however very necessary to maintain our 99+% health/safety record. 

On a personal note, I’m not an arrogant individual, however, I’m indeed a passionate and committed field specialist that has sacrificed 23+ years of my life towards international humanitarian works – sure I’m confident, professionally informative/knowledgeable (that’s why I give the trainings) yet very flexible/patient…. but not arrogant (as I don’t introduce all my international awards, etc., upon meeting new people).

Next, the itinerary. Our biggest advice to fellow travelers is to open the Day by Day provided and write in before Day 1 ‘itinerary is for illustration purposes only – actual route, activities and transportation will vary’. The website says things will shift yet people are still upset about the changes so this exercise will force you to really get onboard with it. For example, our first ger day was supposed to be at family X, the activity was sowing traditional outfits and transportation next day was a 25km hike. Instead, we ended up at family Y, our activity turned out to be watching a newly slaughtered sheep being cleaned and butchered and the following day we went to the next family on horseback. For the remaining days at dinner, we would draw pictures with locals figuring out which family, how far and how our next morning was to be spent. What was amazing is that each family knew exactly what and how was to happen so the whole thing worked like a well-oiled machine. It just didn’t follow the writing in the brochure which created a sense of adventure and gave my husband and I (both highly structured business owners back in the US) an opportunity to completely relinquish the sense of control, time and expectations, which was exhilarating.

Owner’s Note: for traveler safety, cultural nuances, etc., nomadic families are allowed to modify trips in accordance with local requirements. We try to elaborate on this on our website, brochures, social media accounts, emails, training workshops, etc., so I’m not sure why it’s considered to be a surprise – we have to ensure that our operations DON’T overly interfere with nomadic culture and lifestyles. We as foreigners need to learn how to become apart of different cultures/societies rather than trying to impose our western methodologies onto foreign cultures.

Lastly, on hiking. Of the 9 days, we only hiked from yurt to yurt 4 times. One time we went by horse (I’ve never been on one, so the idea was initially nerve wrecking but it all worked out – the host held my horse’s rains the entire way). Four times we went on a back of a motorbike and learned that riding one through a steppe is one of the most fun experiences you’ll ever have. For those of you who are like us and were looking forward to the long hiking days listed in the itinerary, fear not. You can easily get plenty of hiking time after you arrive to next family (around 1pm or so). There are clear cattle paths that you can follow and make up for the kilometers you’ve expected.

Owner’s Note: indeed there are tons of trekking and explorations that everyone can conduct as you will be using your nomadic gers as “base camps”. For the avid explore this is truly going to be a “brilliant experience” however for the typical city-type of tourists – this is going to be a learning curve; however, we do train you and have maintained a 99% success rate! So there is not real reason to be overly worried 🙂

This trip truly will allow you to get to know Mongolia and Mongolians like no other and it will expand your view of the world and travel.

We intentionally try to keep this more “culturally authentic” by training foreigners to let go and learn the Mongol-ways instead of trying to force the Nomadic Families to overly adapted our western-ways… We are international field specialists with decades of out-in-the-field expertise, the last thing we’ll be doing is making a “Disneyland” experience… It’s not to say Disneyland is bad – it’s not as I do enjoy it myself as well – however, it’s not in the best interest of nomadic families NOR international travelers if we try to unethically force locals to adhere to such “entertainment parks” methodologies of customer service… instead we focus on Nomadic Cultural Service as one of our main training core components.

These are our lives, our life’s works, etc., that are on the line…

we kindly request all unethical special interest groups and/or people with racism/nationalistic/major-prejudice issues to please, kindly, find another tour operator.


Ensuring 100% Proper Comprehension


1. Online access to “what is GER to GER”, “how does GER to GER operate, etc.”
2. Online access to Information about the differences between “Humanitarian Reality Trips” and Packaged Trips
3. Online access to “Terms and Conditions” of Humanitarian Trips
4. Correspondences with GER to GER staff by emails; Q&A, etc.
5. Upon arrival in Mongolia – all travelers receive a mandatory 2 hour training workshop; introduction of Humanitarian Travel, What to expect, What not to Expect, Mongolian History, Mongolian Culture, Rural Health and Safety, and Mongolian Language
6. At the workshops all travelers are updated with current weather, culture, etc., information that may influence their trip and are informed rural nomads have the “power” to change the trip when necessary; transparently listed on the Terms and Conditions owing to their lifestyles.
7. At the workshops all travelers are educated the difference between “cultural service” vs. “customer service” and so much more to ensure that they are fully aware that they are traveling as humanitarians and not as “tourists” on a vacation.
8. At the workshops all travelers AGAIN review Humanitarian Trip’s Terms and Conditions
9. At the workshops all travelers review GER to GER disclaimer with Instructors
10. At the workshops all travelers are provide an opportunity to change their trip/minds
11. At the workshops all travelers CAREFULLY REVIEW AND SIGN the “Assumption of Risk Contract” that includes weather, culture, lifestyle, 3rd Party Suppliers, etc., in relation to Humanitarian Trip’s Terms and Conditions; on website, handbook, etc.
12. After signing the Assumption of Risk Contract all travelers make final payments
13. After contract signing, workshop and payments – all travelers are invited to contact us again for further info clarifications prior/during their Reality Humanitarian Trip (via nomadic families mobile phones).

Taking into account that 13 LEVELS of VERIFICATIONS HAVE ALWAYS EXISTED – There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR such Trip Advisor & Lonely Planet Industry SCAMS and FRAUD to EXIST

Owing to GER to GER’s Anti-Scammer initiative – 2017 has been a perfect season!

100% Nomad Supportive Operator via “GER to GER”
(“Nomadic Family to Nomadic Family”)

1000s of Happy Travelers
Successfully Served
for 12+ Years

GER to GER’s mission is to empower women, men and their families across rural Mongolia via the Tourism Industry; to alleviate poverty, educate rural families, foster social economic development/conservation, and more. GER to GER is the first nomad supportive tour operator that unites Mongolian nomadic tribes via empowerment, social economic development policies, United Nation’s MDGs/SDGs, etc. As of today, GER to GER employs almost 99% of its Humanitarian Trips’ human resources from rural areas throughout Mongolia (National Administration operated mainly by women supported by Nomadic Families; husbands, wives, sons, daughters, relatives and friends.) and almost 99% of its Humanitarian Trip’s accommodations, food, drinks, etc., are all procured rurally. GER to GER’s main objective is to support rural social economic development via intensive incorporation of multi-sector rural/regional supply chains via GER to GER’s Humanitarian Trips and Initiatives; cross-industry business linkage development (transportation, accommodations, etc.), assist cooperatives, conservation initiatives, etc.

GER to GER operates across most of Mongolia when combining both Humanitarian Trips and our internationally recognized Packaged Trips. GER to GER Packaged Trips sustains the Organization and allows GER to GER’s Humanitarian/Tourism Specialists to both strengthen operations in Mongolia and expand its partnership networks across the Globe via www.Responsible.Tours (GER to GER’s Global Operations launched in 2017). For 12+ years, 6,000+ international travelers have been trained on “Responsible Tourism” via GER to GER’s professional pre-trip “Humanitarian Training Workshops” and 100+ nomadic families participate in seasonal “Responsible Tourism” Training Workshops across Mongolia that is provided by GER to GER; international partners rate GER to GER at 9.2 out of 10.

As for GER to GER’s National Office, we are professional tourism specialists, humanitarians, transitional country development/stabilization specialists, explorers, filmmakers, social economic developers, etc., that design/operate unique community based tourism trips (“Reality Humanitarian Trips”) and FULLY packaged expeditions across Mongolia, and around the world via www.Responsible.Tours


Humanitarian Trips

 “Reality” Styled Cultural Research Trips

Humanitarian Trips a.k.a “Reality Trips” (Community Based Tourism Routes) – Though simple and humble, they are designed to be ‘value for money’ as these humanitarian trips train travelers to become humanitarians and learn how to access unparalleled opportunities into nomadic lifestyles; day to day routines, travel like nomads, language, history, traditions, culture, etc. Locals earn ethical incomes by providing all food, accommodations, transportation (horses, camels, ox carts, etc.), activities, and more. These are all designed with the rural communities to provide unique insights into nomadic lifestyle – great for culturally “responsible” travelers, explorers and travel photographers that desire to experience travel as a “humanitarian” and not like a tourist. Generally, fantastic for all those who are deeply interested in real cultural immersion, enjoys the flexibility of local-flows in outback travel and non-touristic method of adventure travel/learning.

Today’s major issue in Mongolia are irresponsible tour operators unethically profiteering/gaining from the ‘responsible tourism’ brand; there is no market distinction now between responsible and irresponsible as everyone claims to be ‘responsible’. Hence, GERtoGER is using SDGs to highlighting our ‘Responsible Tourism’ methodology:

  • SDG 1: 80% of Humanitarian Trips’ finances are returned to rural nomads, drivers, etc.; 20% towards rural communities’ international marketing and training workshops.
  • SDG 2: We employed nomadic families who are the poorest of the poor that only have had 1 cattle and a couple sheep in the Gobi Desert and turned their lives around within a few years, etc.
  • SDG 3: Our training efforts focus on daily health/safety, reduce sanitation illnesses (Hepatitis A, etc.), tourism incomes allow families to pay for medical insurance, visits, medication, surgeries, etc.
  • SDG 4: Via workshops/tourism incomes nomadic children are attending school, high school and university.
  • SDG 5: Over 99% of nationwide managers are women; rurally, women care for travelers family experience (food, drink, etc.) and men guide trips; strengthening symbiotic relationships.
  • SDG 6: Daily training activity: 1) nomads/travelers – “Leave No Trace” 2) importance of waste management to mitigate waste damages around pasture points and along travel routes.
  • SDG 7: Nomadic families now have bank accounts/credit histories to access small loans and procure solar/wind powered units via their tourism incomes.
  • SDG 8: Over 99% of GERtoGER human resources are rural-based; guides, drivers, nomads, businesses, etc., via “Geotourism” we strengthen supply chains.
  • SDG 9: “GERtoGER” is an ancient “kinetic supply chain” of the Great Mongol Empire.
  • SDG 10: Actively promote the importance of the UN’s UDHRs within Mongolia via social media, etc.
  • SDG 11: GERtoGER meshes “kinetic supply chains” with traditional “static supply chains” (cities, communities, etc.) into innovative travel itineraries, etc.
  • SDG 12: Nomadic families responsibly maintain livestock numbers in accordance with national park regulations; tourism incomes assist their goals: education, health, etc.
  • SDG 13: We have conducted Nomad Relief Efforts during climatic disasters, films, media pieces, etc., that highlight the challenges faced by nomadic families; tourism incomes assist nomadic families to better prepare.
  • SDG 14: Via workshops all herder/travelers are trained about the importance of water resources in relation to mitigating waste related issues, etc.
  • SDG 15: Via workshops all herder/travelers are trained about the importance of land resources in relation to mitigating waste related issues, etc.
  • SDG 16: We actively promote the importance of the UN’s UDHRs within Mongolia via social media, etc.
  • SDG 17: Via social media networks, partners, donors, etc., GERtoGER proactively expands its networks. In fact, GERtoGER has launched new Global Initiatives:
      • established by GER to GER and the Founder, this new Initiative is being launched by “The Global Practitioners” to assist International CBTs, CSR Initiatives, alternative community travel networks and Geotourism Initiatives
      • under the GERtoGER Foundation this new Initiative aims to match Global Issues of the aforementioned “MDGs/SDGs” that require exposure to better link with like-minded organizations.

Responsible Travel Notes: 

* All Humanitarian Trips and Homestays are 100% “Reality Trips” that are managed and operated by locals and nomadic families; GER to GER Office operates ONLY AS A Humanitarian “Travel Agent” for communities (non-tour operator).

* GER to GER humanitarian trips is about “Reality” – real families, real lifestyles, real situation, etc. (who are the Mongols? And not about our expectations).

* GER to GER humanitarian trips are not an amusement park experience – it’s about awareness/respecting nomadic lifestyle and learning “their ways” (not ours), etc.

* GER to GER is an opportunity for people to learn how to integrate within other cultures vs. other cultures catering to our international norms and standards that we have become overly accustomed too and demand others to adhere too (like paid entertainment slaves).

* GER to GER has generated over a Million USD towards Mongolia’s social economic development via supply-chain synergies and provides over 80% of its revenues toward rural nomadic families that greatly need this alternative income source.

General Client Scores

Typically rural Humanitarian Trips averages above 90% per year on client satisfaction – nomadic families are still learning; nonetheless, rural nomadic tribes still provide a value for money cultural experience and international travelers from around the world are always grateful for their experience.


Packaged Vacations

“Outfitted Expeditions” or Packaged Trips

All Inclusive Expeditions For those that Desire Guides, Drivers, Camps and Better Facilities (Packaged Trips) – designed, managed and operated by GER to GER Office as a Mongolian Government Certified Tour Operator across Mongolia; Top 30 Tour Operators within Mongolia.

GER to GER designs it itineraries with a unique approach as we strive to combine the best of ‘off the path’ and Mongolia’s traditional highlights; sometimes we’ll include some of our rural community-based tourism locations into our itineraries! GER to GER’s professionals have been operating throughout Mongolia for a couple decades managing everything from film/tv productions, humanitarian and social economic development initiatives and more; it’s from these experiences that we bring you Mongolia.

Note: These are all-inclusive trips and tours that are outfitted with interpreters/guides, drivers, jeeps, etc., that combine the best of outback exploration and leisure travel – these itineraries are designed, 100% managed by GER to GER Agency (tour operator) and carried-out in accordance with the requirements of western/European travel requirements and expectations.

International Partnership Scores

In 2015, GER to GER received highest recognitions via its international partnerships on client satisfaction, and again in 2016, GER to GER received 9.2 out of 10 on its international partnership score. 

Fairness Disclaimer: these trips operate fantastically well for those that desire a mix environment that provide more than our Humanitarian Trips; GER to GER has over a decade of successes with a broad-range of international clients ranging from ‘every day travelers’ to International VIPs.

Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours; 6+ Years of Continuous Industry Fraud and Scams

Nobody can argue the authenticity of the “Internet Archive” – today there is 6+ Years of Evidence showing Industry Fraud and Scams conducted by Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours. 



This and others like this Guesthouse continuously make it difficult for more established organizations/companies as they try to unethically “kill off” the competitors via stalking, malicious harassments etc., around their offices/homes, and even organizing scammers to sabotage good businesses names and more. From 2010 till 2016, Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours had first “illegally” stole “GER to GER” name for illegal profiteering and after being confronted they changed it to “Family to Family” and continued to intentionally confuse both local/international markets for unethical personal profiteering – literally “shamelessly stealing funds” from a humanitarian initiative. This Guesthouse behaves exactly like cheap company/product knockoffs of the originals which has FOR YEARS created numerous issues for the GER to GER Organization.

The best metaphor to describe them are “drug pushers” and/or frauds that unprofessionally copy/unethically produce food/medications to resell to the general market as originals; it’s loss of financials for the “real organization/company” but importantly a serious health/safety concerns for international travelers. These fake products don’t go through rigorous monitor/evaluations to ensure product safety; they have no health/safety networks; they provide no ‘professional’ workshops that focus on many issues including health/safety; they don’t care if they hurt others in the process; they have no health/safety nor risk mitigation/management experience; they go unregulated; they just hire anyone with a Russian Forgon to randomly take travelers around the country with no focus on trip quality, cultural quality, health/safety emergencies, etc. (the number of dissatisfied international travelers has grow significantly stating that they offer a selfie tour “you guys have a couple minute to take a ‘selfie’, we have to go, go, go!”); they steal existing product concepts from others; they force travelers to buy their products or threaten to kick-out travelers from their Guesthouse if they purchased other travel companies’ products/services, etc.; they operate just like “pushers” who are ONLY after sales… they illegally use name-variations of known companies to push their corporate fraud on unsuspecting international clients.


The “International Internet Archive” clearly shows that since 2010, Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours has been Illegally using “GER to GER” and variations to unethically commit corporate fraud, scams, market thievery, etc… Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours is a prime example of “wolves wearing sheep’s clothing”. Since 2010 when and received international recognition from National Geographic Society as the “Top Ten Global Finalists of the Power of Place Challenge”, and more, our neighbor Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours has been involved in non-stop/continuous industry fraud/scams. For the past 6+ years Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours has been illegally using “GER to GER” or similar variations “Family to Family”, “Nomad to Nomad” like cheap copies of the original “GER to GER” in order to unethically commit thievery of rural nomadic communities’ opportunities via their website and within their guesthouse.




Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours (non-tourism professionals) openly state that they are the “Best Tour Operator” in Mongolia – better than any/all tour operators that are exceptionally well established (that includes being better than Juulchin World Tours, New World Juulchin, Ayanchin, etc.)… However, Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours IS NOT RECOGNIZED NOR LISTED within the Mongolian Government’s Top 30 Tour Operators List; HOWEVER, please do note that GER to GER is 100% RECOGNIZED/AWARDED by the MONGOLIAN GOVERNMENT and LISTED IN TOP 30 TOUR OPERATORS LIST.

So without hesitation, I and my others industry recognized/awarded professional colleagues will all honestly state that we all strongly know that Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours is both the ‘official breeding ground’ of many industry issues as well as being the “Industry leaders of fraud, thieves, scammers and organized hive of wannabe thugs/stalkers in Mongolia.”

Guesthouse Tour Operators in Mongolia Kicking Travelers OUT!

Travelers being kicked out and worse – be careful!

We are humanitarians and we don’t have a guesthouse so we are not in direct competition – nonetheless it has been reported to us for the past 6 years the aggressiveness of some guesthouses in Mongolia i.e. Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours and the like. Travelers have complained that these guesthouses would force them into buying their trips and if they were interested in traveling with GER to GER or other companies – these guesthouses would kick them out of their guesthouses.

This has been a reoccurring issue with Mongolia’s tourism industry so travelers you have been warned – please kindly consider the following:

  • Consider booking at Amarbayasgalant Hotel which is an inexpensive alternative that will give you a peace of mind – you can still walk around and check out all the offers throughout Ulaanbaatar in peace without all the bad-business politics of Guesthouses. Amarbayasgalant Hotel doesn’t have an online booking service so you can just show up and get a room easily – it’s a proper hotel and they don’t completely book-up quickly, otherwise we do recommend Lotus Guesthouse (in UB) that operates an Orphanage out of town.
  • If you have already booked then it’s “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” that you DO NOT DISCUSS your trip plans with the guesthouse that you are booked at – you could find your bookings getting lost or even worse you could be kicked out of your accommodations that day or even the next day to other travelers that are booking both overnights/trips…

Stay Safe and Happy Travels!