Just a Kind Note – GER to GER Trip Advisor Reviews

Just a kind note… I know some have questioned my tone and frankness in my posts – understandable. Please kindly understand that over the past several years GER to GER was subjected to a massive online attack by unethical and shady characters (and it would seem that ethical posts are being deleted and blocked). For years I have remained silent however seeing how remaining silent only damages our works throughout Mongolia, I have decided to open up and take on this matter head-on.

I know – A bit Unorthodox

I know it may seem abrupt and a bit unorthodox for a Founder to go online and take on such a matter – but when seeing how it directly affects 100s of nomadic families’ livelihoods it would be criminal to allow such fraud and slander to continue both unethically and unlawfully.

Never Did Like Bullies

Imagine seeing some people bullying a poor and relatively defenseless family in a developing country and publicly shaming them just to make themselves feel powerful or righteous as “We know everything foreigners”; how just is that action? And if I was standing nearby, and did nothing to protect them, how awful would that speak of my honor and character.

Please kindly keep in mind that is exactly what is happening online – most of these reports are fraudulent and inaccurate and I am being harassed for speaking out and trying to protect these defenseless families who are unable to go online and share their experiences and sides of the situation (granted some families do make basic mistakes – they are learning). If I were to remain silent when I know “who is who” and allow these online bullies to continue to beat and unethically shame some of these nomadic families when I know the truth – how worse would you judge someone like me then.

Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t

See I am pretty much “damned if I say something and damned if I don’t say something” – it is not a fun position to be in. So I have decided to take a very proactive approach to defend those that can not defend themselves and try to balance this whole online situation with information that counters all the fraud activities taking place on Trip Advisor.

If there was not so much fraud taking place on this Trip Advisor thread and people were actually providing “true and fair” reporting of community based humanitarian ecotourism then I would not have to engage into this matter as I have done in the past.

Many Can Testify

Generally as many can testify – I am an easy going, patient and flexible person but I can no longer allow unethical people to take control, distort and destroy so many defenseless nomadic families’ incomes. That is just wrong.

Defending Those that Can’t Defend Themselves

Now if taking an ethical stand for defenseless nomadic families as a Humanitarian labels me a “terrible or bad person” as some have stated without getting to know me – then alright I shall delightfully wear your “badge of shame” with honor knowing that I have survived these attempts at public defamation in order to protect nomadic families who don’t have an equal voice here at Trip Advisor to share their experiences online honorably.

What Would The Nomadic Families Say about These Particular Guests?

Its all too easy for unethical people to win online public defamation campaigns when the other side can’t speak for themselves (because they have no computer nor internet in their rural locations)… but imagine what these Nomadic Families would say if they had the opportunity to share their side fairly. I say lets hook them up! Lets give the nomadic families throughout Mongolia a chance to respond (computer, internet, interpreter, etc.) – I am sure it would be very interesting.

Does Anyone Care to Ask What the Nomadic Families have to Say about What is Written on Trip Advisor?

Please kindly keep in mind that there are more than one side to every Trip Advisor tale… Thanks!