GER to GER Liability Note – Public Zoo vs. Free-Ranging Styles

Community Based Travel Routes – Public Zoo vs. Free-Ranging National Park Styles (Ethnographic Explorer/Humanitarian Liability Note)

Simply, Ethnographic Explorers love this sort of Advance Ethnographic/Cultural Exploration (over 90% of GER to GER’s annual clients) – as it’s a combination of the planned itinerary with plenty of random experiences. However, “Typical Tourists” who cannot make the transition in ‘travel styles’ generally feel that these trips weren’t what they expected as they can’t handle random experiences in their travel plans; and yes, I know these type of “Typical Tourists” love their Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet’ Thorn Tree Rants. Every year GER to GER averages only a few tourists per year that were not able to successfully make the cultural bridge between them and the Mongolian Nomadic Families (easy to calculate – just look at the post dates and calculate the number of posts per year, there are not that many considering GER to GER averages more than a few hundred travelers per year. Which means, yes, GER to GER has way more successes per year

[avg. well over 90%] than dramatized failures”). Hey I know – we’re all human, but as one explorer to another, I just wished these people had chosen another “Leisure Travel Agency” than our Humanitarian Ethnographic Travel Organization. I do hope that these individuals will do more research, make wiser and more responsible decisions in the future instead of blaming organizations and/or individuals like us, who are doing humanitarian development works, post-trip by putting “hairs” in their eaten Cheeseburgers so they can demand a refund or else they will publicly post very unkind defamations (blackmail) via social media, etc…. Nonetheless, it’s just sad that these individuals had missed such wonderful opportunities to become “Ethnographic Explorers” by strictly trying to follow every word, punctuation mark, etc., in the sentences of a given Community Based Travel Route’s budget trip itinerary and/or try to make a budget trip into a packaged trip fuss online. Typically, people like to go on $200 to $300 all inclusive community based tourism trip (all food, accommodations, horses, ox carts, local guides, etc.), for a few days up to almost a week in some locations – and just because locals were tending to some nomadic lifestyle-works or something (great opportunity to go out and join them), some of these people don’t do anything but sit around to which they later like to complain and demand a 100% refund; often saying the families are nice but the itinerary was incomplete and demand that I, Zanjan Fromer, should directly pay them via my personal VISA Card or my salary – not the families (some of these families make more than me in a month as I have a regulated local salary – I don’t enjoy the public shaming guys for my financial sacrifices to maintain this initiative as a humanitarian.); the amount of harassment I undergo as a humanitarian is just amazing. Often after discovering all the truths, sometimes we can’t offer a refund via our policies to which they threaten to go online to defame us all, etc. (blackmail, defamation, etc.) – seriously? enough already. For over a decade we have been promoting these Community Based Trips as non-touristic and as Ethnographic Exploration opportunities to go with the flow and experience the random cultural immersion opportunities, locations and adventures; as we instruct them. Please do note that we do indeed make every effort to both assist and properly instruct every traveler during pre-booking, in-country during an intense two hour pre-trip training workshop – trip info, organization introduction, country and cultural info, rural health & safety info, capacity, language, Q&A, etc., however, we can’t satisfy everyone as it seems… they wanted a public zoo, we offered a free-ranging national park.

Now that we have proven that GER to GER is transparent and we have your best interest at heart – this is your rare opportunity to graduate and leave this type of “Touristic Mentality” behind and join the ranks of Ethnographic Explorers, Humanitarians and Social Economic Developers – if you desire. Right now, you are only a few clicks away from amazing cultural eco adventures along nomadic travel routes across the Gobi Desert, vast open Steppes, river valleys and mountain passes by horseback riding, camels, ox carts, trekking, visiting home-stays and more with nomadic families across Mongolia.