Meet the GER to GER Humanitarians

GER to GER’s main office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is comprised of mainly Mongolian nationals and the Founder who is originally from Alaska, USA. Today, our operations expand from our HQ office to our rural locations throughout Mongolia to better assist in communications, logistics, health and safety, business analytics and management, project management, financial management, monitor and evaluations, knowledge sharing, reporting and workshops, product development and strengthening, marketing, business linkage development, etc.

Mr. Zanjan Fromer

Mr. Zanjan Fromer

Mr. Zanjan Fromer (Z Alaskan Explorer)

Professional Site:

Mr. Fromer, born and raised Alaskan (Petersburg, Mitkof Island/Juneau and partly Alaskan Native), is the Founder of GER to GER Agency and Foundation (humanitarian/community based travel) and Adventure Studio (film/media productions). Mr. Fromer has managed countless international projects for 20+ years (USAID, SDC, World Bank, Public/Private Sectors, CBS’s Emmy/DGA awarded “The Amazing Race” – Mongolia Segment; season 10/episode 2, etc.). In the past decade alone Mr. Fromer’s works have been Internationally Awarded and Recognized numerous times by internationally famed institutions i.e. National Geographic Society, UNESCAP, etc., and even by the Mongolian Government (First American ever to be awarded the country’s second highest Medal of Honor – “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership” in recognition of two decades of humanitarian/social economic development works) for film and TV productions, digital media, marketing, tourism destination development, community based tourism, humanitarian works, social economic development initiatives and more.

It was the combination and the sum of Zanjan Fromer’s life experiences, skills and knowledge that led him to design and author GER to GER from scratch between 2003-2005.


Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt

Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt

Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt, Mongolian Counterpart and Co-Founder

Ms. Yalalt, MBA, is an internationally seasoned Mongolian Tourism Industry Professional with roots linked to USAID and World Bank funded initiatives prior/during the launch of GER to GER that was funded by the Swiss Agency for International Development and Cooperation (SDC). Ms. Yalalt is a pivotal point person who spearheads countless domestic and international initiatives ranging from nationwide training of nomadic tribes, logistics for 1000s of international travelers to managing GER to GER’s official international exhibitions that include ITB Berlin, WTM London, Adventure Travel Show London, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Ms. Yalalt tirelessly continues her passion towards the sustainability GER to GER while expanding it’s development frameworks to include additional families while maintaining the best cultural travel experiences for our clients. It’s the unique experiences and compliments from 1000s of travelers and locals that empowers Ms. Yalalt to work passionately for GER to GER both in Mongolia and abroad.


Batjargal – Regional Manager for Central Provinces

After years of teaching English, she joined the GER to GER Team back in 2010. She always amazes us by her cheerfulness and strong communications skill to strengthen her community resources; drivers, herders, service team, etc.


Ospan – Regional Manager for Western Provinces

After years of being a State Servant, he joined GER to GER Team in 2009. He is responsible for arranging all travel logistical services in western Mongolia, he also supports local businesses via business linkage development and knowledge sharing.


Ichinhorloo – Regional Manager for Khogan Khan National Park

After years being a professional consultant to the National Park she joined GER to GER Team in 2007. Ichinhorloo has two beautiful daughters who keep her pretty busy at home but she still enjoys coordinating hundreds of travelers with assistance of herders, drivers and locals smoothly.


Battsetseg – Regional Manager for Khan Hentii National Park

She joined GER to GER Team in 2007. While she is taking care of her four daughters and three grandchildren she enjoys encouraging the nomadic families to participate in tourism industry and to carry on natural conservation activities such as collecting litters/trashes along the river, etc.


Narangarav – Regional Manager for Gobi Desert Provinces

After years of being a Professional English teacher, she joined GER to GER Team in 2006. She has a strong ability to carryout initiatives and good communication skills that are important towards strengthening her community; drivers, herders and service team in Gobi region. In 2010, she led a small team to distribute some hay and fodder as well as some basic food for families who lost animals due to extreme climatic disaster in winter.


Nyamdavaa – Regional Manager for Northern Provinces

After years of working as teacher at a local elementary school, she joined GER to GER Team in 2010. Though she is taking care of her children she enjoys encouraging nomadic families to participate in tourism industry and support the local businessmen.


Enhsaikhan – Accountant

She graduated from the University of Economic and Finance and has been working as GER to GER’s accountant and financial consultant for a decade; she joined the GER to GER Team in 2009. Today, she professionally takes care of all of our financial matters which allows our office to run smoothy so we can focus on efforts on other works.