GER to GER Office Location and Directions

“Easiest Directions” that everyone knows is to get off the bus and/or taxi at “Mungun Zavya” (across the street from the Russian Embassy) and take the small street that goes North (upwards) next to “Broadway Pizza” Restaurant (next to the Underground walking pass) for 85 meters and you will see a 6 story yellow and blue building with GER to GER logo on the south side. If you see this then you are going the correct direction – now just walk towards the backside of the building and you will see the main entrance with a silly sculpture of “The Predator” and the “Arizona” sign on it (don’t ask us – our building owner has a strange sense of humor or something). We are located on the first floor directly opposite of the door past the little statue of “Hell Boy” (dear lord, eye-roll) – walk down the corridor and we are located at the last door on the left; despite the “are you serious – yuck!” building decor our office is bright, cheerful, refreshing and very professional… lol!!! 🙂