In late 2016/17 – GER to GER returns the “gift of life” by 100% financing the entire hip-replacement surgery/rehabilitation of a nomad; today he’s successfully maintaining his nomadic lifestyle, family and children.

Mr. Khashhuu’s Family Shares their Experiences
Terelj National Park, Mongolia
Hashuu: “We have been working for Ger to Ger as a host family in the Terelj national park for 8 years, I live with three children and my wife. The benefits of working with Ger to Ger are countless. During last eight years, we purchased more animals and extra Ger. We also were able to purchase a solar panel so my family is able to watch tv, have lights in the evening and recharge our mobiles at home rather running to neighbor family regular basis.”
Wife: “Moreover, Ger to Ger saved my husband’s health in 2016. He used to be a disabled person because he fell off horse long time ago and did not have proper health treatment for his injury. However, in 2016 Ger to Ger paid for his entire hip replacement surgery/one month’s physical therapy treatment cost at the Korean Hospital. Today, he is working by himself and started to herd animals alone without requiring other people’s assistance; his backbone pain gone forever. Therefore we are so thankful being part of Ger to Ger Team and willing to work with for future too.”
Nomad Supportive Operator