GER to GER Review – Specializes in Developing Responsible Tourism in Mongolia via its Agency and Foundation

On behalf of GER to GER TEAM, I would like to kindly thank you for taking interest in our Agency and Foundation’s works in Mongolia and Beyond and welcome you al to our new GER to GER Website! I would like to kindly invite you to review and learn more about our GER to GER Agency and Reviews through our humanitarian mission and nearly a decade of successful works throughout the country developing Responsible Tourism in Mongolia.

GER to GER is a labor of love and dedication, based on 20+ years of professional international experience, numerous years researching and reviewing global methodologies towards community based tourism and the last decade of advancing our initiative. We, the humanitarians, at GER to GER strive to be the bridge of mutual understanding between the international travelers and the rural inhabitants and nomadic communities throughout Mongolia. Today GER to GER has generated 1000s of successes and we have tried to capture the essence of our works in this introductory GER to GER Review of our organization, works and initiatives.

We hope that this is provide you with a wealth of knowledge about who GER to GER, our aims and objectives in both serving the local population and you, the international traveler.


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