“To Drink or Not to Drink! That was the question”

GER to GER Travel Blogs – Today’s link:

Every so often you come across a variety of interesting client reviews, this one I actually kinda enjoyed… It makes us feel good at GER to GER when we get travelers that are more in it for the raw adventure especially when they are booking ‘solo trips’ which are categorized as subsidized trips for travelers on tight budgets.

At GER to GER we offer a variety of trips and experiences – our higher-end packaged trips provide more services in-line with the general tourism industry wants and needs. Our solo trips are for those on tight budgets that offers an opportunity to experience Mongolia in a more explorer and adventurous style; not your typical touristic style of travel by any means.

I feel that Dabble in Travel was able to enjoy ‘being out there’ and take-in a lot of non-touristic cultural experiences that he is going to remember for a long time.

Solo Trips are fun for most and for others no worries – if you require a little more leisure and comfort into your trip experience then you should have a look at our Packaged Trips.

My favorite segment from his blog:

“We remembered from our Ger to Ger orientation that there are several ways to graciously turn down vodka (we were thinking we’d have to use this in a ger with a family, not on the bus!). We were taught 4 ways, but the one that stuck out in our minds was essentially the trump card that no Mongolian can say no to, which is to bow your head, touch the vodka to your head and then pass it back. Technically, you are supposed to use that only after the other three methods aren’t effective because this one will blow their minds that a non-Mongolian knows this.

We knew the vodka guy would get a huge kick out of this because he loved to joke around, so Jan went for it. He accepted the “shot glass” (now upgraded to the top of a plastic bottle with a jagged edge) and triumphantly held it up high and told the rest of the bus what Jan just did.

The bus erupted with cheers and laughter. It was awesome.”

Keep up the great blogs!