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FOR THOSE TRAVELING ON HUMANITARIAN TRIPS – GER to GER has maintained 99% health/safety record for over a decade – NONETHELESS you are responsible for the following:

  • HUMANITARIAN TRIP COMPREHENSION: You are 100% Responsible for reading your itinerary, comprehending its full-nature (culture, weather, etc.) and accepting full responsibility that you are traveling independent from GER to GER Office Staff. GER to GER shall inform you of alterations (when we are appraised) we’ll inform you at our office pre-departure or via nomadic family’s phone (if you are on route); weather, etc. GER to GER staff may provide you with additional information but the “day to day” comprehension is 100% your responsibility as GER to GER Staff will not be physically guiding Humanitarian Trips.
  • Humanitarian Trips are NOT packaged trips: Humanitarian Trips are 100% community managed and operated; flexibility/empathy are mandatory.
  • Humanitarian Trips may be altered without GER to GER Office’s Knowledge: locals may decide to alter trips owing to weather, culture, personal, animal safety, etc., in order to protect the health and safety of travelers, animals, themselves, etc.
  • GER to GER UB Office Staff are not guiding Humanitarian Trips: Hence the “Open Ocean Approach”, however if you desire a guide to accompany you that is 100% possible but you’ll need to cover all associated trips costs for the guide. If you desire to book a guide you’ll need to inform our office in advance not upon arrival with a next-day departure (at least a week in advance).
  • YOUR GEAR, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Your gear, equipments, clothing, etc., are solely your responsibility – GER to GER is not responsibly for losses, damages, etc.
  • GER to GER is not responsible for public transportation: GER to GER is not responsible for Any delays, schedule changes, cancellations, etc., that may alter itineraries owing to public buses, taxis, etc.; though we’ll try to assist you professionally.

For detailed GER to GER Terms and Conditions please visit Terms & Conditions

Packaged Trips are required to book in advance (minimum 7 days) and will run on 2 persons minimum – Humanitarian Trips are flexible and can be book 1 day in advance and will run on 1 person.

For most who book online you will be making an online deposit of 30% in advance to secure your trip and departure dates and will pay the remainder in LOCAL CURRENCY upon arrival at our office for the travel orientation and payments prior to departure. Walk-ins, depending on your trip date (typically most depart within a day or two), you will most likely have to make 100% payment in LOCAL CURRENCY at our office at the 1600 travel orientation.

Please be considerate to other travelers and arrive on time for the travel orientation (1600) with payment ready otherwise other travelers may not be too happy if the travel orientation is delayed while we wait for you to sort out your finances (ATMs, etc.).

We require all travelers to pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% which goes to securing your trip date, human resources, rural accommodations, etc.

Indeed we have allowed families with small children to travel on selected GER to GER trips – please ask us and we’ll kindly advise.

For all humanitarian trips it is mandatory as you’ll be with the locals; pre-departure (at least one day in advance at 1600) at GER to GER Office. As for Packaged trips, you will still have to attend a basic training but it will be reduced owing that on your trips you will have a guide present.

Occasionally we’ll have special offers that are announced via our social media forums; Facbook, Twitter, etc.

It’s recommended that most travelers should bring their own sleeping bags, however if you forget, etc., we do rent sleeping bags at our office – but those are on first come/first served policy and there are no guarantees on availability. As for other specialized equipment – not really needed in accordance with the given itinerary. As for clothing, it’s highly recommended that you pack accordingly in relation to weather and terrains that you will be visiting or activities that you will be doing – example wearing running shoes on a horseback expedition isn’t correct… travel responsibly – thanks!

GER to GER does provide free luggage storage to our travelers.