GER to GER’s Humanitarian Budget Trips in Mongolia

From 2003 to 2005, based upon a couple decades of multi-industry experience, GER to GER was carefully crafted from its own existing history, culture, lifestyle, etc., to ensure this Initiative could reach rapid cultural sustainability while being a value added Country Product within Mongolia’s greater tourism industry.

Today, GER to GER has over a decade of operational expertise with numerous rural communities and nomadic family’s spanning across 11,000 square kilometers (10 provinces) that includes almost every type of geographical terrain that Mongolia has to offer. Via GER to GER’s vast geographic nomadic networks, we have further advanced our social economic development approach as a Social Enterprise with locals in various conditions. Since the June 2005 till today, all Humanitarian Budget Trips have and continue to be 100% rurally operated and managed by both rural community members and nomadic families across Mongolia.


Be Culturally Smart, Travel Locally Smart

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A Kind Note:

Rugged Ethnographic Explorations (Community Based Tourism Routes) “Humanitarian Budget Trips”; these “cross-cultural exchange” trips also providing locals a great opportunity to learn about the greater tourism industry, foreign cultures, generate income, etc. Though locals have produced their own itineraries, it’s important to remember that nomadic families lifestyle’s are guided by seasons, weather, culture, etc., and at different times those external influences requires them to alter itinerary experiences based on “Life & Survival” (the alteration may be an unplanned adventure or amazing cultural insight!) – a good level empathy and understanding are required if you desire to grasp the most of these type of trips. It is GER to GER’s Methodology to develop a Country/Local People Friendly “Free-Ranging” approach to community based tourism which transports travelers back to a raw and rugged cultural adventure-style of travel dating back to early explorers and in accordance with Mongolia’s Nomadic Cultural/Traditional Lifestyle; Primary – Natural Lifestyle, Secondary – Community Based Tourism.

GER to GER Agency’s only purpose is to provide vocational training, monitor and evaluation, and global business linkage development for participating rural communities and nomadic families, hence, the majority of funds are returned to the nomadic families, single service providers, etc. Even all transportation related opportunities generated by Humanitarian Budget Trips are referred to locals and Mongolia’s State Transportation Authority to further generate social economic benefits towards Mongolia’s rural development; absolutely no transportation related earnings/income is maintained by GER to GER Agency, Foundation or any of it’s staff.

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