With SO MANY COMPANIES COPYING EACH OTHER how does anyone determine ‘WHO IS WHO’ today? Who is real and original? Who is just faking it till they make it? Who’s just riding the tailcoat of others’ achievements?

Simple – have a look at the companies’ “Gym Ethics”… Here let me explain:

This is truly a sensitive subject matter as many businesses ‘do not’ stop to consider this… there is “ethical competition” and “unethical competition”. In a world where many harness “unethical competition” to advance themselves and their businesses to maximize profitability and literally steal incomes from families, children, and the elderly – I want to focus on inspiring everyone to “Compete Ethically”. Strange huh… I’m actually encouraging my competition “to compete”… but it must be done within the realm of “Gym Ethics” –  if you ‘cheat’ while you are lifting weights then the only person you are cheating is “YOURSELF”; you will not get wiser, stronger, healthier, etc., and soon everyone will know that you are just another cheat.

So when I say let’s compete – I mean – let’s help each other to lift more weights, get stronger, get healthier, etc., as we are all here trying to advance our fitness levels within the context of benefiting the gym or “Mongolia”. Instead of trying to using Google Ad Words to manipulate people into thinking that you are something that you are not – like other companies stating that they are “GER to GER” when they are not – that’s kinda like saying you are “trained expert” when you are aren’t… in short it’s deceptions and lies… but why do that when you can focus on advancing “who you are” and “your uniquenesses”? 

In a gym it’s easy to spot those who have bad-form and require assistance in order to better themselves as we are not competing against each other but rather assisting one another to become better than who we were yesterday. Seriously, think about that for a moment – what does it mean to be competitive against your own self to become a better human than who you were yesterday… 

Simply that means we can all use the same gym (Mongolia) and be mutually respectful, assist one another in bettering our forms (advancing our own brands ethically) and still get stronger without the need to use ‘cheat tactics’, rudeness, etc. If we can be civilized within the gym – think what we can do in the context of ‘industry collaborations’ to help one another to become stronger, healthier, and more! Imagine what we can do! We can make our Gym (Mongolia) competitive with other World Gyms!!! The best gyms have the most diversified fitness equipments – each of us companies represents a unique fitness equipment… we don’t need 100s and 1000s of the same fitness equipments (nor do we need cheaper versions of the original), hence, we don’t need to copy each other – we need to help each other to become even more diversified to increase our gym’s capacity and attractiveness to the international fitness clients!

SO – it’s time for the greater industry to step up and help those who only know how to unethically compete (offline and online) to start learning the importance of “Gym Ethics”… Not everyone in the gym is unethical and you might just be surprised how many of us would help you if you just only asked for assistance instead of pursuing bad-forms via copying instead of training together to compete with other Global Gyms!

I could spend a whole day blogging about dozens of unethical competitors but I would rather challenge everyone to start working on their own fitness forms and developing their own unique equipments for our mutually shared Gym called “Mongolia” – why cheat? Don’t you want to get stronger and feel better about yourself knowing that you did a good job by your own efforts?

Regardless, know this, my only competitor is me – I work, I train, I live, I push my self every day, I make tons of sacrifices, I CRITICIZE MYSELF AND MY WORKS CONTINUOUSLY, etc., as I compete against myself in order to improve myself to become a better human than what I was yesterday – “My Gym Ethics”.