GER to GER Cares About Everyone!

/GER to GER Cares About Everyone!

GER to GER Cares About Everyone!

Scampackers” are not welcomed and will not be served; just like the No Shirt/No Pants Policy in USA/EU Stores.

First and foremost, let me kindly reiterate that everyone at GER to GER Agency and Foundation always keeps an open door for ‘ethics’; however, in my writing if my tone seems a bit stern – just kindly note that we’ve had to be patient for years. Best international policies ensure the safety and security of travelers, locals and of those managing the entire process (us humanitarians). It is for the aforementioned that GER to GER has decided to ‘ethically’ include this section into our website and is apart of our ‘terms and conditions’.

In the past years, the growth of “Scampackers” is growing at alarming rates – another words they are individuals that don’t follow the rules as instructed on websites, handbooks, 2 hour workshops, etc., consume all local services and then later don’t provide any supportive documentation yet ‘disturb the peace’ in office buildings to demand refunds so they can pay for their night of partying at clubs, guesthouses and travel for free in Mongolia (100% exploitation or “Scampacking”)… The ole “hair into the cheese burger” and make a scene to get a free lunch and/or if unsuccessful then later go online to publicly spite the establishment; often they are associated with unethical interest groups.

These interest groups time their visitations during our busiest working hours to unethically hurt our organization’s name and credibility in front of other groups that are ethical clients. “Scampackers” never desire to keep to the appointment times that are scheduled in the less busy hours (morning till 3pm). “Scampackers” will always suddenly arrive during our workshops to unethically create public disruption dramas in our office over the smallest details (handful per year out of 1000s of satisfied clients).

Just the same as stores, shops and restaurants in the USA/EU that will not service customers who don’t wear shoes, shirts, pants, etc., GER to GER will not service “Scampackers” and interest groups that desire to destroy our work environment and waste a lot of our time/efforts and force us to patient a variety of unethical situations:

  • We once had a person shout, scream and cried (huge drama!) because Mongolia doesn’t have an equivalent of a ‘penny’ or 1 cent…
  • One client created a scene because he broke his own backpack string and we wouldn’t pay for it…
  • Once there was a couple that didn’t have a tent and a local rented their own tent to the couple to which they didn’t pay for (even upon us GER to GER requesting them via phone to make the payment – they wouldn’t) and later created a massive scene in our office…
  • A woman once travelled rurally and was falsely claiming that GER to GER was paying for everything and then later left Mongolia and her unpaid bills everywhere…
  • Travelers lose their items and demand GER to GER pay for them…
  • Once there was a client whose wife slightly twisted her ankle to which we quickly evacuated them from the location but instead of allowing us to expedite his wife’s immediate transfer to the hospital as they claimed it was broken (only a minor twist of the ankle) – the man was only interested in making a public drama in front of a group of travelers in our office (this fake drama lasted over 30 minutes; neither the husband nor the wife were interested in going to the hospital) I guess the evacuation wasn’t necessary lol! ugh…
  • Interest Groups send ‘scampackers’ to intentionally disrupt our 2 hour workshops by showing the instructors disrespect in front of other ethical clients…
  • We once had to reject a couple before payment because they couldn’t scam the office to lower its humanitarian trip costs (which is already less than a day’s budget spent in cities) – everyone in our office was cursed, shouted and threatened to which they departed screaming that they would destroy us on Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, etc…
  • Another time, we were shouted at for rejecting an older man’s desire to force us to take him on an illegal expedition so he could go ‘tomb raiding’ some of Mongolia’s historical sites…
  • We once had a “Scampacker” (interest group) who was properly instructed for 2 hours that the itinerary he desired was “Out of Season” kinda like wanting to go SnowBoarding in summer to which the guy stated he would assume all responsibility for the quality of the trip. I personally told him that I desired him to travel somewhere else but he rejected all offers and 100% assumed all responsibilities; otherwise we were going to cancel the trip… Post trip, without supportive documentation, he shows up at the office drunk and trying to make a fight with our staff trying to force GER to GER to commit defraud (lovely video of it); regardless of our attempts to investigate this matter ethically (and despite he assumed 100% responsibilities) he went online to commit fraud too… Post investigation – a full report has been made and he actually had a great time out on the trip according to numerous eye-witnesses and testimonies!!!
  • And more.

The list is truly long and over the years we have been overly patient with countless number of “Scampackers” and the unethical interest groups. It is for these very reasons that from 2016 it has become GER to GER’s policy that any/all unethical Backpackers a.k.a “Scampackers” shall be denied service without refund (before, during and afterwards) and their presence shall not be tolerated in our office and/or on our humanitarian trips a.k.a “Budget Trips”; and here are the main reasons why:

1. Scampackers Don’t Follow the Rules

“Scampackers” are “Unethical Backpackers” who network with others in ‘guesthouse tour operators’ that behave unethically in Ulaanbaatar (I could mention a few if necessary; one is located near to our office) and/or via abusing online social media forums that do not verify facts with supportive documentation nor desire to communicate with the ;organizations/businesses to verify the truthfulness of reports. Most of the time it’s only a handful people, per year, that are the instigators (whose identities I have not publicly disclosed) that cleverly plan to involve others to defraud locals via fraudulent reports (‘hair in the food’ or ‘he said/she said’ techniques) to unethically get free trips or spitefully defame organizations and local businesses if unsuccessful via falsifying online reports; as NOT ONE online complainer (Thorn Tree/Trip Advisor) have ever produced “the instructed/requested documentation of proof” to GER to GER Office. I can honorably testify that we have 100% honored any/all complaints that are brought to our attention ethically with supportive documentations as instructed by our staff, 2 hour workshops, handbooks and disclaimers; of which we receive only a few such cases per year out of 100s of international travelers who are satisfied with their humanitarian budget trips.

2. Scampackers Try to Steal from Locals

“Scampackers” typically target the cheaper community based “humanitarian budget trips” which they can afford; humble yet some are extremely “value for money” humanitarian travel services to which the locals earn ethical incomes by providing all food, drinks, accommodations, activities, animal transport (horses, camels, ox carts, etc.), etc., for an average of only 2 to 3 hundred dollars +/- for a week! (that’s less than one day spent for a hotel, transportation, food/drink, sightseeing, etc., in a city!). “Scampackers” are 100% shameless online and offline, they report AS IF there has been a major ‘breach of ethics’ however in reality as highlighted by their written content/style and put into the context of the trip cost plus a 2 hour workshop prior to the trip with plenty of time to reconsider, etc., – yes, they indeed unethically demand high-end services and/or constant ‘high’ attention for 100% locally operated humanitarian budget trips. Every travel client is 100% properly informed and educated prior to departure on GER to GER, and is kindly instructed before a trip begins that they shouldn’t do this (2 hour workshops) to which they all agreed (apart of our liabilities); being scammers, they don’t listen and do it anyways to which they later complain about everything so they can get refunded – travel for free, pay for their guesthouse and/or evening partying at clubs. 

3. Scampackers Ruin it for Everyone

Usually we only get a handful Scampackers per year out of 100s of travelers that truly enjoyed their Humanitarian Trips (100% managed by rural nomadic tribes/communities); however, owing to Scampackers’ efforts to distort realities and manipulate markets/pubic opinions – GER to GER Foundation and Agency has decided that it’s time to ‘kindly’ respond as ‘humanitarian explorers’ in efforts to bring fairness, transparency and honesty in order to protect the ethical incomes that nomadic tribes and rural communities try to generate.

4. Scampackers Engage in Fraud

“Scampackers” are often discovered breeding their nonsense and manipulating international markets on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree or Trip Advisor platforms because they failed to defraud locals owing to ethical humanitarians who did their jobs properly; Thorn Tree and Trip Advisor are platforms that do not verify any/all ‘he said/she said’ with supportive documentation nor desire to communicate with those that are accused to verify facts, etc., hence they are commonly caught intentionally violating international laws i.e. due process, defamation, fraud, market manipulation, etc., and have been fined 100,000s of dollars for anti-trust matters.

A lot of times, “Scampackers” online posts are either very aggressive and/or very cleverly written with a counter offer at the end of their posts and generally aim to discredit and defame certain individuals by name. I can honorably testify that we honor 100% complaints that are brought to our attention ethically with supportive documentations as instructed by our staff, handbooks and disclaimers; of which we receive only a few such cases per year out of 100s of international travelers on our humanitarian budget trips.

As for GER to GER Packaged Trips (100% managed by GER to GER Agency), we have received the highest recognitions in 2015 via our international partners who are highly positioned in the international travel industry; kinda like the Apple of the tourism industry.

Scampackers’ Known and Verified Resources

To combat fraud, we are strongly considering to generate a list of “Typical Locations and Activities” that have been double/triple verified to generate “Scampackers” and/or “Acts of Fraud” over the years. For now, we will only list a few companies that have continuously violated professional business ethics

  1. Golden Gobi Guesthouse: countless times Golden Gobi Guesthouse has unlawfully used “GER to GER” brand to illegally sell their travel products to uninformed travelers both online/offline and have been informed legal action shall be taken. Golden Gobi Guesthouse is not a legally registered NGO, Non-Profit nor humanitarian specialists that engage in social economic development works in Mongolia; they unethical engaged in Acts of Fraud purely for “Profit”. GER to GER “HAS NO AFFILIATION” with Golden Gobi Guesthouse nor partnership contracts allowing Golden Gobi Guesthouse to use GER to GER’s name, networks, etc.
  2. Golden Gobi Guesthouse: in the past several years has been both a ‘hub’ and ‘network’ to generate a large number of localized ‘instigators’, ‘scampackers’, etc.
  3. Unfortunately Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree and Trip Advisor really need to tighten up on their platforms’ “verifications and client liabilities” as it’s ok to give a voice however today many Scampackers are abusing “the mic”. Today, these companies don’t even desire to have email chats nor phone conversations about verification of ‘facts’. Anyone can make a false online identity and say whatever they desire about someone else to which Thorn Tree and Trip Advisor will not verify any documentations but still claim it as ‘truth’… Due Process, Due Diligence, Documentation of Proof, etc., mean anything? Ugh… so, yes, though I know the importance of Thorn Tree and Trip Advisor – they still need to improve upon this and make it more “fair” and those reporting should be held accountable for what they report; if their reports are true and they have proof of documentation then they have nothing to be concerned about. So as a professional humanitarian, I wouldn’t take anything they post on those websites as ‘truth’… I would recommend talking/chatting with the companies directly or at least average out the nonsense in context to the type of trip, costs, days, provided services, etc.

GER to GER highly recommends if you desire to enjoy Mongolia, without the drama, kindly consider not supporting such businesses that engage in ‘Acts of Fraud’ (Golden Gobi Guesthouse, etc.) and book at a different tour operator, guesthouse, motel, hotel, etc.