Horseback Riding Trips in Mongolia vs Overland Travel – What should I do?

Oh yes, this is a common situation for many travelers who arrive into Mongolia without a plan – How to balance horseback riding trips and the excitement of overland travel expeditions…

Horseback Riding Trips vs Overland – The Approach:

1. Travel interests – What are you interested in?

  • Geographically – Gobi Desert, mountains or open steppes?
  • Culturally – Are you wanting a home-stay or tourist camp experience or a little of both?
  • Activities – Are you wanting to dedicate more time to horseback riding or balance it out with home-stay and visiting with Mongolian nomadic families?
  • Time – Once spent, you will not get it back so seriously think and list your travel objectives.
  • Etc.

2. Budget interests – How much are you wanting to spend?

  • Overland Travel – Typically is expensive if you go at it alone as 1) Mongolia is a country with vast geography and it takes a bit of money for vehicles, drivers, etc., to get around.
    • Recommendations: join a group, make a group and/or seek an alternative methodology
  • Horseback Travel – Cost effective, however you have some general considerations
    • Going at it alone is risky – language, culture, weather, health and safety, etc., are only a few logistical concerns; Mongolia isn’t like most rural areas, it does have extremes and if not experienced you could be ill-prepared for such a challenge.
    • Tourist Camps – Mid budget required as you will be staying at the Ger Camp and the locations and distances of travel are limited to that specific region.
    • Guesthouses – Though sometimes cheap you quality of experience could differ as they often offer cheap prices but like to load many travelers into vehicles and herd them around like livestock hence the quality of cultural immersion is limited. However, if that isn’t a concern then this is a viable option.
    • Tour Operators – More mid and high-end and you will need to have some cash but that does equal better services and experiences for most clients; depending on the tour operator.
    • GER to GER – “Live Like a Local” is a social enterprise (up to 80% goes back to nomadic families/community members) of nomadic Geotourism networks across Mongolia where travelers live and travel from nomadic family to nomadic family across the open steppes, deserts, mountain ranges, etc., that provides all the basics i.e. ger home-stay, horses, food and drink, etc., but is less touristic and more about reality. GER to GER Packaged Trips are a fusion of our rural communities and Leisure overland travel that combines the best of both worlds and still supports our Corporate Social Responsibility Mission of generating alternative incomes towards sustainable livelihoods.

Now the above is just a few concepts to get you thinking in the direction you need to go in order to start to investigate do you really want to travel by horseback or by overland.

3. Do you want to support locals or just want to have a pure holiday not really caring how the funds are being spent?

  • All business typically keep most of the funds for their operations and profit.
  • GER to GER gives back to the local communities, between 70%-80%:
    • Nomadic families are all fairy compensated
    • We hire rural drivers
    • We support rural Small and Medium Enterprises
    • We procure all supplies and services for travel routes locally from rural businesses
    • We carry out vocational workshops for rural communities and nomadic families
    • and more.


Now if you are interested in traveling to the most geographically interesting locations in Mongolia wether it be with nomadic families or a good mixture of both horseback riding trips and overland travel packages and regardless of your cash availability – then GER to GER is perfect for you. GER to GER packages are designed for everyone in mind, we have our Solo Trips or commonly referred as Independent Trips for those on a budget but still want a great cultural adventure unlike anything they experienced before. GER to GER also offers Packaged Trips for those that budget isn’t a serious concern but would like to purchase a “Value for Money” trip that gives back and/or supports social economic development initiatives that enhances the lives of rural communities and nomadic families.

  • If you  are looking for a great cultural experience not as a typical tourist rather as an explorer/humanitarian but also want to see the Highlights of Mongolia and enjoy some leisure travel – then GER to GER is perfect for you.
  • If you are wanting to support a Humanitarian Organization that responsibly trains and returns revenues back to the rural communities and nomadic families – then GER to GER is perfect for you.

Imagine have you have to go out and purchase a computer and you have two brands, two models and they are competitively priced but lets say the technology in one is limited to another…

GER to GER though competitive prices with Guesthouses and even some larger companies trying to offer competitive prices with GER to GER do not provide the same level of cultural immersion and experience owing to our uniquely “patented” approach… Would you spend $1,000 on a laptop that had less to offer, or would you stick with a custom brand like “GER to GER” that specializes in providing more experiences for the same price?

If you want to say “Yes” to more experiences for the same price then you have come to the right place! At GER to GER we are professional filmmakers, explorers, industry specialists and humanitarians that via our broad professional expertise and field experiences we designed and operate 11,000 square kilometers of community based tourism routes with nomadic families and packaged trips across Mongolia Responsibly.

In short, GER to GER does both horseback riding trips and overland travel packages, plus a whole lot more!

Be Culturally Smart, Travel Locally Smart and Globally be a Responsible Traveler!

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