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Mongolia Winter Travel and Nomad Homestays – General Information for Success

Tips on How to Travel Mongolia and Homestay with Mongolian Nomads Across Mongolia in Winter


Prior to reviewing this information please do kindly refer to the “Mongolia Homestay – General Information for Success” – thanks!

First let me state that I’m indeed 100% born and raised Alaskan who has operated across Mongolia (+40 in summer /-40 to -60 degrees in winter) as a Professional Field Specialist for 25+ years… that statement is being made only as I have some experience with Winter Travel and all associated health, safety and security related matters. So let me share some of my own personal experiences – you might find it helpful while others may just roll their eyes – lol!

First and foremost, please refer to all the online information concerning winter travel and expeditions – types of clothing, how to dress, what is typically needed for outback winter travel, etc., etc., etc. My concern is not how to teach you how to survive just yet – that will be in later postings – my goal is to explain how incredibly easy it is to travel in winter safely, like Alaskans, Mongolia’s nomadic families have been traveling across Mongolia’s incredible geographic terrains during harsh seasons since birth and continue to do so till today!

So, if we Alaskans and Mongolian nomads are able to successfully travel in the winter months with babies, small children, teenagers, adults and grandparents safely for centuries – then trust me when I state that it’s better to put your trust in Alaskans and Mongols than those who live in cities… What does that mean? It means, GER to GER human resources comprised of Mongolian Nomadic Families and an Alaskan Field Specialist – we are indeed the WINTER DREAM TEAM!

Traveling in Mongolia’s winter and homestay with nomadic families is not only easy via GER to GER but why would you want to deny yourself of the outstanding beauty of the Great Outdoors during the winter season! Mongolia’s winter season is something that shouldn’t be missed owing to misguided concerns which I will address now.

Winter Travel and Homestays in Mongolia’s Winter Season – Outback Difficulty of Mongolia’s Steppe in Comparison to Alaska’s Interior

  • OUTBACK SNOW LEVELS: Mongolia’s dry powder snow levels DO NOT match those of Alaska – at most 1 or 2 feet in comparison with Alaska’s average of 10 to 20 feet of damp-snow fall in the outback; Alaska’s damp is always more dangerous than Mongolia’s dry powder.
  • OUTBACK WINDCHILL LEVELS: Mongolia’s dry windchill DO NOT match those of Alaska’s humid-windchill which freezes clothing and hypothermia becomes a serious concern.
  • OUTBACK TRAVEL OBSTACLES: Mongolia’s open plains and vast soft rolling steps DO NOT match those of Alaska’s incredibly rugged, thick forested, etc., obstacles that make outback travel challenging to those who never had previous life-experiences.
  • OUTBACK TRAVEL DISTANCES: Mongolia you can easily make good distances by trekking, horseback and by vehicles DO NOT match those of Alaska where most outback locations can only be traversed by planes and helicopters outfitted with snow-skis or snow-pads, snow-shoes, dog sleds, snow machines, etc…
  • ETC

In short, Mongolia is SUPER EASY compared to Alaska’s Outback/Interior… and we didn’t even discuss Alaska’s wildlife (bears, pack wolves, etc.) vs. Mongolia’s sheep, cattle, horses, etc…

In conclusion – if you desire to travel Mongolia during the winter months with Mongolian Nomadic Families via GER to GER – Mongolia does not offer any substantial issues (in comparison to Alaska’s Interior). GER to GER offers a variety of Nomad Based Winter Adventure Homestay Routes and distances between the families are generally 500 meters to max 7 kilometers which makes enduring the winter travel season in Mongolia exceptionally easy, rewarding, healthy and fun! I should now – for over 20+ years I’ve led winter expedition works, conservation and film productions across Mongolia to the most remotest regions of Mongolia (farthest Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Regions) during the biggest snow-storms with temperatures reaching -60 degrees! I think that qualifies me as a reliable resource… especially when most of my clientele had NEVER experience ‘snow’ in their lifetime 😉