Packaged Overland Tours and Expeditions (travel method and benefits): Packaged Trips are custom designed for people of different backgrounds and interests; which includes: active adventurers, soft adventurers and even first-time adventurers who desire a good mix of city-like travel with some adventure. Our leisure trips are specially packaged for your market that thoughtfully combine Mongolia’s nomadic lifestyle with the diverse spectrum of geographic experiences (terrains, historical sites, etc.) all of which are escorted by a professional guide. These trips move at a slower pace and you have more time to explore, experience your surroundings and get to know the local people. The social-economic benefits from these trips directly funds our sustainability and our social economic development initiatives (United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals etc.) within Mongolia and abroad which you can read further about on our website.

Group sizes:
min. 2 persons/max 6+ persons
contact us directly if your group is 6+
discounts available for large groups
prices are per person (p.p.)
Feel free to “book as guest” at NO costs
Deposits will secure your trip