Open Ocean Ambassadorship

Tourists Harasses Baby Shark for a Selfie, Article Link:

First and foremost, I was born and raised in Alaska and for the last 20+ years I have been assisting Mongolia to further it’s main industries during its Transitional Phase. In the last decade alone, I can honestly state that international Tourists need to be re-educated about open “open ocean approach” when experiencing different environs (sea, etc.), remote human cultures, etc… My humanitarian organization has been trying to re-educate tourists for over a decade – a lot of the time we succeed however we also get those incredible failures… that bash us online etc.
I would love to team up for a global re-educational awareness program to foster such tourists into “Open Ocean Ambassadors”; for ocean wildlife, land wildlife, remote human cultures, etc. So they can start to learn how to appreciate and experience our world’s species in their natural environs.
Everyone knows I’ve had my scars with trying to help a handful of these type of tourists for the last decade and I’m sure some of you guys have your scars as well. Though we’ve been more successful than failures, it’s still hurts us when we get these sort of ignorant tourists who just don’t want to learn and then later yell at the Open Ocean for their ignorant ways.
We are the professionals… even if they don’t want to learn at times – this is what happens when they don’t learn at all.
I invite you to check us out: – remote community tourism to protect last thriving nomadic populations and the natural assets. – more about who I’m am.
I truly Hope we Professional Practitioners can have some chats in the future.
Kindest regards,
Zanjan Fromer