Project Description

This is the Definitive Desert Winter Trip with Great Trekking! Imagine Traveling Southward towards the Gobi Desert to Trek the Remote Noble Rock Palace and being Surrounded by Monolithic Rock Formations in Winter and Traveling with GER to GER Nomadic Families in Mongolia!

This winter trip will take you southward towards the Gobi Desert to the remote Noble Rock Palace where you will begin your winter trekking trip surrounded by Monolithic Rock Formations! This winter you have an amazing trekking opportunity to explore prehistoric ocean canyons that are over 65 million years old and the ancient stomping grounds to herds of TREXs. Yes, this is the definitive winter desert trekking route that cannot be missed! If you are an avid explorer with the taste for adventure or even budding explorer with an active imagination, this route is the feather in the cap which gives you 100% Bragging Rights!

GER to GER Mongolia - Winter Trekking Trip to Gobi Desert Ocean Canyons

GER to GER Mongolia – Winter Trekking Trip to Gobi Desert Ocean Canyons

Itinerary: 3 days/2 nights
Group Size: 1-8
Method of Travel: Horseback Riding, Ox Carts and Trekking
Overnights: In Nomadic Family’s Extra Ger

Day One – Overland Trip to Mongolia’s Middle Gobi Region to Experience Desert Nomadic Lifestyle (L, D – Overnight In Family’s Extra Ger): Today you will depart Ulaanbaatar City via the 8am Mandogovi (the Provincial Center of the Middle Gobi) bus that will take you southwards overland towards the Gobi Desert; along the way you will witness the transforming power of the Gobi Desert along this winter trip. From Mandalgovi you will begin the 80-kilometer overland desert jeep trip to Mr. Tsogtsaikhan’s family. Upon arrival at the family, they will welcome and serve you with a wonderfully hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea. This afternoon you will have an opportunity to test your intellect with some Mongolian wood puzzles before Mrs. Altai shows you how to make ‘uya’; a homemade nomadic rope that is used for constructing Mongolian Gers. In the early evening or late afternoon, you will travel by horse-cart for 7 kilometers to Mr. Chimiddorj’s family where upon arrival they will prepare and serve you with dinner. Along this portion of the travel, you will begin to see Ih Gazriin Chuluu immerge in the distant horizon, it’s an amazing site and definitely will exceed all expectations; from this point onwards you are nearing one of Mongolia’s truly unique ‘off the path’ destinations. If you made good travel time, you will have plenty of opportunity to capture some brilliant wide angle or fish-eye lens shots of Ih Gazriin Chuluu as you travel adjacent; with the soft sunset luminance bouncing off the monolithic rock formations, you’ll have some truly classic evening landscape shots during your winter trip.

Day Two – Winter Trekking Trip through Mongolia’s Ancient and Monolithic Ocean Canyons (B, L, D – Overnight In Family’s Extra Ger): Today is the day that you have been eagerly been anticipating, before your breakfast Mr. Chimiddorj will show you how to milk animals and prepare the nomadic style breakfasts; making traditional tea, boiling milk, etc. Afterwards, you will begin the unforgettable 10-kilometer trek to next nomadic family through Ih Gazriin Chuluu; you will be truly over taken by the massive size of this location. As you trek among these ancient rock formations, it’s a perfect time to allow your artistic side some freedom and imagine your are on a set of a National Geographic Documentary; 65 million years ago these were ocean canyons and before that it was the ancient stomping grounds of herds of TREXs. In ancient history, South East of Ih Gazriin Chuluu a herds of TREXs have been reported to be found. As you trek during this winter trip, you will have opportunities to capture some of the most amazing rock formations i.e. Tangad rock, Chinggis Khan Rock, Khur khartsag’s memorial place, etc. As you arrive at Mr. Munkhochir’s family, you will be served a nomadic dinner and milk tea to which you can spend the evening learning how to play the traditional Mongolian anklebone game with family members; overnight in Ger.

GER to GER Mongolia - Winter Trip - Gobi Desert's Ocean Canyon Trekking

GER to GER Mongolia – Winter Trip – Gobi Desert’s Ocean Canyon Trekking

Day Three – Winter Trekking Trip and Exploring Ih Gazriin Chuluu’s Ancient Silhouettes (B, L – Overnight In Family’s Extra Ger): Before breakfast its a great time to go out for a light trek throughout the location while the gentle haze and mist are casting the grey-tone layering of the rock formations and silhouettes; is just amazing. After breakfast, you will have more opportunities for trekking and visiting locations like the Open Air Theatre that is home to the annual horse head fiddle and long song concert. Imagine this location filled with Mongolian performers creatively taking position not only on the main stage but also all standing on rock ledges surrounding the audience providing and ultimate experience in natural acoustics that rivals proper opera houses. From personal experience make sure your batteries are charged and plentiful, you will be capturing some of the most remote and truly spectacular images that are unique to Mongolia during your winter trip; not the place nor time to be running out of batteries. In the afternoon you will have a farewell lunch at family before the 85-kilometer journey back to Mandalgovi by Russian jeep; once you reached Mandalgovi, you will catch a bus at 2pm to Ulaanbaatar.


Trip Durations and Prices
Community Fee: $139 USD for 3 days/ 2 nights

Additional Fees:

  • UB to Mandalgovi Bus Fee (one way): $8 USD
  • Rural jeep to first ger and pickup (approx.): $138 USD
  • Note: Jeep cost can be divided by number of persons
  • Booking & travel orientation w/ handbook: $25 USD