Project Description

Winter Trip in Mongolia – Overland Trips and Travel to the Gobi Desert to Experience Nomadic Lifestyle in the Gobi Desert Region

This winter GER to GER is offer a winter trip in Mongolia will show you Nomadic Lifestyle across the Gobi Desert’s epic winter landscapes! Mongolia is a country full of rich and vibrant history dating back to the ancient tribes that traveled through India and onwards to Australia, and another to the Americas via the Bering Straights some 25,000 Years ago. From its ancient history, Mongolia is commonly known for its imperial ancestry that transformed this nomadic civilization into an empire of kings and queens that ruled much of known Earth; in the early 1200s. In the 1920 transition, only a few ancient monasteries survived the People’s Revolution – Ongiin Monastery is one of over 900+ monasteries that were established during historically significant time. This is a great overland expedition for those soft adventure travelers that wish to learn more about the Gobi Desert Region as well as truly take in some spectacular landscapes while desert trekking and relaxing. I am sure that Roy Chapman Andrews, early American Explorer to Mongolia, would be proud of our attempts to bring back those early day adventures.

Itinerary: 5 days/4 nights 
Group Size: 
Method of Travel: Overland Travel and Trekking
Overnights: In Nomadic Family’s Extra Ger

Day One – Winter Trip Across the Gobi Desert Region to Saihan Ovoo Village (L, D – Overnight in Ger): This morning you begin the overland journey towards the middle region of the Gobi Desert known as Mandagovi Provincial Center. Along the overall journey towards Saihan Ovoo Village you will witness the transforming power of the Gobi Desert as you continue the overland trip by rural jeep towards the community where you will have your afternoon lunch. As you travel across the Middle Gobi you will drive through vast terrains that have had very little human contact (sometimes for hours at a given time – quite unlike most cities around the world). Upon arrival at Mr. Undral’s Ger, they will begin to prepare and offer you with a hot nomadic dinner and traditional Mongolian tea before unwinding for the night.

Day Two – Winter Trekking Trip to the Ongiin Monastery; Gobi Desert’s Largest Archeological Site (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast, the ten kilometer round-trip trekking excursion to the ancient ruins of Ongiin Monastery will begin. Along the way, you will visit Zambaga Khairkhan that is a locally worshipped mountain and the historically significant cave that once served as refuge to Mongolia’s “Robin Hoods” from local authorities. Ongi Monastery was established some 300 years ago and was the largest monastery throughout the Gobi Desert Region. During the 1930’s oppression, the monastery was completely destroyed and around 300 monks were persecuted by revolutionists – today its one of Mongolia’s most important gateways in between the central pastoral region and the internationally famed Khongor Sand Dunes and Flamming Cliffs in the deep southern region of Mongolia (made famous by early American Explorer/Archeologist – Roy Chapman Andrews). When you return to the family’s Ger, they will prepare and offer you a hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea before heading out to play ice bowling on the Ongi River and/or helping the family with their nomadic lifestyle routines. In the evening, you will have a dinner and a chance to learn how to play the traditional anklebone game with family.

Day Three – Winter Desert Trekking Trip to the Next Nomadic Family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast, you will begin the ten-kilometer trekking trip to the next nomadic family – upon arrival, Mr. Jenkhuu’s family will welcome you with a hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea. After lunch, you will learn how Mongolian nomads tie a halter and hobble for a horse by leather straps and/or assist the family in tending to their livestock related choirs. In the evening time, you will have a nomadic dinner and before unwinding for the evening.

Day Four – Herding Mongolian Livestock on Horseback (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): Your next challenge is waiting you today, straight after breakfast you begin herding the family’s livestock by horse for around 3 to 4 kilometers with your host. In the afternoon, you will herd back and learn how to tie up the sheep and goats for milking. After the milking of the sheep and goats are completed you will have a lunch to which you will continue herding till evening. In the evening, you learn how to fence-in sheep, goats and offspring into separate pens followed by a much-deserved hot nomadic dinner.

Day Five – Departure (B, L): After breakfast, our local driver will pick you up and you will begin your 220-kilometer journey by Russian jeep back to Mandalgovi. Once you reach Mandalgovi, you will receive a packed lunch from family and catch the 2pm afternoon bus to Ulaanbaatar City; the journey back will take about 4 hours.


Trip Durations and Prices
Community Fee: $176 USD for 5 days/ 4 nights

Additional In-Country Travel Expenses

  • UB to Mandalgovi Bus Fee (one way): $8 USD
  • Rural jeep (two way) (approx.): $198 USD
  • Note: Jeep cost can be divided by number of persons
  • Booking & travel orientation w/ handbook: $25 USD


  • Visiting nomadic families
  • All nomadic breakfast, lunch and dinner which are stated on itinerary
  • Herder guide service on route
  • Sightseeing
  • Horse riding according to itinerary
  • Pack animals on route
  • Cultural activities (make dairy products, learn dembee game etc)
  • Boiled water on route
  • Two ways bus tickets reservation between UB and Mandalgovi
  • Local jeep arrangement by facilitator
  • Four overnights in Ger

Not Included

  • Sleeping bag
  • Orientation lesson fee
  • Public bus ticket and Rural jeep cost which stated on itinerary
  • Personal use