GER to GER Mongolia Packaged Trips are a Fusion of GER to GER explorer style travel and mainstream tourism for those travelers seeking adventure while enjoying the highlights of Mongolia with some comfort too.

Packaged Trips offer you the unbeatable combination of real nomadic-life adventures and the diverse spectrum of geographic overland expeditions escorted by a professional guide. Accommodation are primarily hotels in UB City and tourist camps in countryside but you could still find yourself staying overnight with nomadic families for several nights (depending itinerary). Transportation will often be a private transportation but we might include the public transportation for 1-2 days in order to minimize impacts on environment; meals in Ulaanbaatar City and at rural tourist camps will provide a healthy mix of International and Mongolian foods (when you are staying at nomads you can expect to partake of traditional home-cooked foods); guides are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and certified to ensure that your trip is both wonderful and memorable – group sizes range between 2 to 8 people.

GER to GER Mongolia – Roy Chapman Andrews Gobi Desert Overland Expedition


Roy Chapman Andrews Gobi Desert Overland Expedition So what was it like for Mongolia’s first American Explorer? This route takes you around the sites where Roy Chapman Andrews visited and carried out his famous archeological works across most of the most stunning locations with Southern Gobi [...]