Mr. Simon Lok “Get A FREE VACATION” SCAM – Caught

Violations: Attempted Company/Humanitarian Organization Defraud, Organized Cross-Border Social Economic White-Collar Networking Crimes (Gang), Public Defamation/Human Rights Violations (Articles 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 22, 23, 30)

Click the follow link to access the Official Public Report Link (PDF): GER to GER M&E Investigation Report – Mr. Simon Lok – July 2015


Details Only Released “after” Mr. Lok’s Offline Attempt at Physically Bullying of an Office Woman and Online Abuses

It is GER to GER’s strict policy never to release names of people related to ongoing investigations – however, Mr. Simon Lok after being provided the Monitor and Evaluation Investigation Report has intentionally decided to further his Illegal attempts at Defrauding a Humanitarian Organization and continues to engage with others in unethically organizing online and offline Public Defamation of GER to GER and the Founder (organized white-collar crimes, etc.).

Quick Intro of GER to GER

GER to GER Foundation and Agency ( is an internationally recognized humanitarian organization that operates community tourism throughout Mongolia. GER to GER maintains 100% transparency, all documentation is audited by numerous agencies (past decades) including but not limited to the following: USAID, Swiss Development Agency for Cooperation, Mongolian Tax Authority, etc. 99% of Mongolia’s rural territories are in social and economic transition, currently rural Mongols still do not have the proper vocabulary for a nationwide understand of Open Market Economics, Democracy, Capitalism, etc.  All GER to GER travelers are provided a 2 to 3 hour pre-departure travel/humanitarian workshop that conveys all aspects of “Mongolia” as apart of GER to GER’s liabilities, including today’s social economic constraints, etc.

Pre-Trip Situation

Before the trip began during a 2 hour training workshop with Mr. Lok had taken place, Mr. Lok was informed about a dozen times that the trip he desires is out of season. Metaphorically, it’s like wanting to go Snow Boarding on snow in a desert when the desert is at its hottest summer temperatures… it’s not going to happen. 

For nearly 2 hours, I, Zanjan Fromer, had conducted the training workshop and explained that GER to GER can not accept any responsibility nor guarantee this humanitarian trip’s 1) quality of experience 2) nor will the itinerary be followed as stated online. Hence, GER to GER told Mr. Lok that GER to GER would not send Mr. Lok (full refund prior to departure or select another location) on this trip unless Mr. Lok took 100% liability for the quality of the trip; NOT GER to GER – Mr. Lok fully accepted with witnesses in GER to GER office and GER to GER sent Mr. Lok accordingly.

Side Note: GER to GER’s driver was worried about Mr. Lok upon arrival in Mongolia – it was stated that Mr. Lok was exceptionally angry as they drove to GER to GER office from the Airport.

Post-Trip Situation

Upon returning & upon Mr. Fromer’s request – Mr. Lok, on July 25, 2015, had submitted a written complaint to which GER to GER carried out a monitor and evaluation investigation; all associated parties have been provided “equal opportunity” to submit, via email, testimonies in associated with this matter concerning Mr. Lok, including Mr. Lok.

During (office report/video are available) and after the investigation (via social media/email), Mr. Lok has aggressively proceeded with 1) defraud 2) online/offline public defamation via/and in association with an organized cross-border social economic gang-network (as Mr. Lok stated in-front of 3 witnesses in the office) to carryout white-collar crimes, etc., against GER to GER and the Founder.

Mr. Simon Lok’s Tried to “Physically Bully” a Woman Office Worker ‘Who was Just Sitting and Talking at her Desk’… Mr. Lok was Successfully Stopped by Mr. Zanjan Fromer just a “meter” from her desk.

While Mr. Simon Lok was “drunk” in GER to GER’s office – Mr. Lok tried to “physically bully” a woman in GER to GER’s office to give him money without allowing GER to GER to conduct an investigation that day by physically rushing her desk aggressively as if he were going to strike her physically; Mr. Zanjan Fromer quickly stood in-between Mr. Lok and the Office woman’s desk, and started to take video evidence.

More Information about how these unethical people scam, their methods to turn Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet into a vindictive weapon and Video Evidence concerning Mr. Simon Lok –



Today, it is my executive decision to publicly release the Official Monitor and Evaluation Investigation Report not with the object to publicly defame Mr. Lok but rather to combat Mr. Lok’s illegal defraud and public defamation that he is unethically engaging against GER to GER. As GER to GER is a humanitarian organization trying to survive in the open market to support 100s of rural nomadic families, it would be unethical to remain silent and allow this man to continue to break domestic/international laws to destroy so many families’ much needed incomes via his online/offline public defamation activities.

Please kindly review the report and then make your judgement; GER to GER and the Founder have been literally stabbed by a ‘robber’ and I am employing my Rights of “See Something, Say Something” to ensure the safety of both the Founder, the Humanitarian Organization; and the 100s of families it represents. It is also our objective to also protect all GER to GER travelers from social political nonsense that these unethical people try to generate – as some officials do initiate social economic oppression via such unconfirmed/unverified “he/she said” nonsense.

GER to GER will publicize this official post via online social media networks in order to ONLY PROTECT the Founder and the Organization from Mr. Lok’s further attempts at illegal defraud and public defamation; Mr. Lok has been kindly given numerous opportunities to STOP his illegal defraud and public defamation – those opportunities are officially finished owing to Mr. Lok’s Online Public Defamation posted on Google (August 15, 2015). It is not the Founder’s nor GER to GER’s initiative to defame Mr. Lok but only as a defensive measure to ensure our safety and that public opinion isn’t being manipulated by a very unethical person with hurtful agendas.

Thank you kindly!
MR. Fromer

Founder of GER to GER