You Exist and YES You are Important!

In today’s world, it is so easy to feel insignificant – but in reality you are significant. Nevertheless, even the best novelists are challenged with writer’s block and that’s when we all need to temporarily readjust our compass while maintaining our bearing.

What does that all mean… you need to take a ‘Rest and Relax’ (R&R) trip away from everything that stresses you out!

Imagine for a moment that you had your own nomadic Gers along an outback network of nomadic families who just desire for you to eat, drink, rest and sleep your way across Mongolia… whether if you change your nomadic ger for another location every day, and/or every other day, you should be seriously considering “Living Like a Local” nomadic Geotourism trip with nomadic families.

Imagine a 7 day or even a 14 day outback excursion with nomadic families across mountain ranges, vast open steppes or even deep into the desert regions… You can sleep-in as much as your desire, wake up to very caring nomadic families, have hearty nomadic meals and traditional teas… afterwards go back to sleep or go out for a light trek before continuing to the next nomadic families and your new locations for more R&R.

Imagine what 7 to 14 days out in incredible geographic terrains and nature could do for your focus, determination, and more! We all know the importance of slowing it down and resting – and it’s our aim to make sure that you get as much of it as possible.

This style of travel does not require a vacation from a vacation… Upon completion, YOU will be rested, recharged and ready to go after your goals with a new vigor, energy and focus!