GER to GER Mongolia – A Decade in Review 

Since the launch of GER to GER in Mongolia, dating back nearly one decade ago, I wanted to do a review on GER to GER’s overall progress. Over the next few weeks I will be producing numerous blogs and posts dedicated to capturing the successes of GER to GER in hopes to provide a broader and more professional perspectives to our works throughout Mongolia.  Today, GER to GER remains the last internationally supported and funded (Swiss SDC and USAID) community based tourism initiative that continues to sustainably operates in Mongolia in accordance with its original Master Plan. This is a massive testament to our operational know-how, expertise and passion when you take into consideration that we launched this project on 1/3 of a foreigner’s annual salary vs other project and programs that received funding in the 100s of thousands of dollars; Ms. Bayarsuren and I have 100s of non-billable days – hence we are humanitarian volunteers. Add the aforementioned with the following information and you begin to appreciate how successful GER to GER truly is beyond the financials generated for rural communities and nomadic families throughout Mongolia.

Information about GER to GER – Reviews on GER to GER

Review on GER to GER’s Project Launch Highlights

This season will be GER to GER’s 10th Anniversary of successful operations across Mongolia and I am very please with its successes; yes we have had a few minor road bumps but nothing compared to its 1000s of successful operational achievements.

  • Based on nearly 20+ years of experience GER to GER was developed from 2003-05
  • On June 2005 GER to GER received its first source of donor funds from the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development
  • In its first week GER to GER did its field works: film, media, surveying, etc.
  • In its second week GER to GER trained the families and produced its marketing materials and started its promotional activities
  • In its third week GER to GER had its first clients from the American Mountain Institute

Over the past decade GER to GER has systematically expanding across 11 square kilometers of Mongolia; including 10 Provinces or States.

Review of the Local Community Based Operational Ownership

Review on GER to GER’s community ownership – we have taken amazing risks in giving back a strong operational ownership back to Mongolia’s rural communities. Though at times they struggle to keep up with the incredible demands of travelers’ wants and needs – which are at times extremely foreign to their culture, Mongolian nomadic families have done a superb job!

Here are a few highlights based on 1000s of travelers over a decade of operations:

Review on GER to GER physical related safety – 99%+ Scorecard

Since 2005 till today we have had only a dozen minor horseback and camel related injuries; less than 1% over 10 years.

Review on GER to GER food related safety – 99%+ Scorecard

Since 2005 till today we have had a dozen people have to leave GER to GER owing to minor stomach illnesses; less than 1% over 10 years.

Review on GER to GER cultural service related safety – 99%+ Scorecard

Since 2005 till today we have had less than 1% validated clients out of 1000s of international travelers from around the world have had issues of different degrees over 10 years. In all honesty, most these travelers that constitute the less than 1% of dissatisfied clients who have gone online to defame our works and rural communities via Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor would have been more suitable at Disney Land or 6 Flags Amusement Park, etc., rather than joining up on GER to GER’s 100% non-dramatized cultural nomadic home-stays, stunning eco adventures and far-out expeditions!

Don’t get us wrong, we greatly enjoy Amusement Parks just as much as anyone else – but when planning a trip I wouldn’t go to Disney Land nor 6 Flags looking for an expedition or cultural home-stay… That would be down right silly to do that and then later complain/defame and hurt all those people’s incomes and opportunities because of my poor choice of travel activities… Just keeping it real.

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