Horseback Riding to the Famed Princess Temple – Live Like a Local with Nomadic Families in Mongolia

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8 Days - Group sizes: 2-6/prices per person; ask for solo prices
Terelj National Park
Max People : 6

Community fee: $391 for 8 days / 7 nights;

UB to Terelj Park Bus Fee (approx.): $2 USD;
Booking, briefing, handbook, healthy/safety coordination: $25 USD 

[ ZONE 1 – First Time Outbackers and Family Friendly ]

Along this wonderful horseback trip imagine a pristine riding trip with nomadic families throughout the Terelj National Park’s river valleys and mountains landscapes. This Mongolian cultural adventure is designed to provide you with ample horseback riding time while enjoying opportunities to experience the traditional lifestyle of Mongolian nomads through amazing landscapes as you make your way towards the historically famous Gunj “Princess” Temple remotely located deep in the forested mountain valleys.

(Notes: 1. Distance may indeed vary, shorter on some days and longer on others 2. Travelers will pay directly on bus 3. Travelers will pay for local park fees when required)

Day One – Short bus trip to Terelj National Park (L, D – Overnight in Ger): You will depart Ulaanbaatar by local bus and our local guide will greet you at Terelj Village bus stop. Upon arrival you will travel northwards for 3 kilometers across the Terelj River into a mountainous river valley inhabited by local nomadic families where you will arrive at Mrs. Batsetseg’s family for your afternoon hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea. After lunch, you will have great opportunity to learn how to herd livestock, tie sheep and goats for milking before your evening dinner and retiring to your ger for the evening.

Day Two – Nomadic lifestyle immersion and horseback riding to Dunjengur Medition Monastery (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast today you will assist the family in collecting traditional fuel for cooking and warming nomadic gers – dung, using traditional equipments. Soon afterwards, you can learn the techniques of prepare horses for the 24 kilometer (round trip) horseback ride to Dunjengur Monastery, a Buddhist Temple, where local monks carry out their meditation practices. The temple has 108 steps leading to it and is surrounding with rock carvings of different Gods. Later you will return to the family where upon arrival they will prepare and serve you with an evening dinner before retiring for the night in your ger.

Day Three – Horseback riding to nomadic family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast, you will continue your journey by horseback for 23 kilometers to Mrs. Amarjargal’s family where you will assist her in both filling and carrying water jugs that is used for food and making of traditional tea. This location is also very special to Ger to Ger as it was where we hosted the internationally famous and EMMY/DGA Awarded “The Amazing Race” (WRP/CBS) – this is a wonderful opportunity to explore the race location and experience one of the challenges that reality show’s participants engaged in while they where in Mongolia. When the task is completed, everyone will have a chance to cool down; Mrs. Amarjargal will prepare and serve a much deserved hot nomadic dinner in the evening before you overnight in your ger.

Day Four – Horseback ride to the legendary Gunj “Princess” Temple (B, L, D – Overnight in Tent): In the early morning you will start your next leg of travel by horseback for 15 kilometers to the Buddhist Temple ruins where you will overnight known as “Gunj Temple”. History states that when Tusheet Khan of the Khalkha was living nearby, his grandson Dondovdorj won the title of “Ephu” and as a result, Enkhamgalan Khan of Manchu honorifically bestowed his 6th princess to Dondovdorj to which she later became queen. Enkhamgalan khan also awarded the title of ‘Diligence and Kindness’ to his princess and presented her with a ‘Golden Leaf Award’ made of five kilograms of gold. When the princess passed away in 1740, Ephu Dondovdorj erected a marble monument and burial temple in her honor. Historically, the Manchu Khan intended his princess to become a spy for the Manchu Empire and when she changed her loyalties to the Mongol Empire, the Manchu Khan sent assassins to successfully end her life.

Day Five – Horseback riding to nomadic family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): Bridles and National Patterns: After breakfast, you will begin your return trip by horseback to Ms. Amarjargal’s family. Ms. Amarjargal is a locally well-known and talented local nomadic seamstress (she sews traditional garments for the local nomads), she ‘may’ teach you how to tie a bridle as well as how to make Mongolian patterns for traditional garments which will be followed by a wonderfully hot nomadic dinner and traditional tea with the family.

Day Six – Horseback riding to nomadic family (B, L, D  – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast, you will begin your 9 kilometer horse or ox cart ride to Mr. Zorig’s family where you will have your afternoon lunch. Before dinner and retiring for the night, you can spend some time with the family and learn more about their traditional lifestyle or go out for a short walk along the river bed in surrounding lush forest in this stunning mountain river valley.

Day Seven – Trekking day (B, L, D  – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast you will continue your journey for 13 kilometers trekking through truly spectacular mountain river valley landscapes that are abundantly carpeted with forests, wild flowers and green flowing steppes. Upon arrival at Mr. Khashhuu’s family, they will prepare a hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea followed by an afternoon free time for relaxation or trekking the location before the evening dinner and retiring for the night in your ger.

Day Eight – Ox cart steering techniques (B, L): After your breakfast, Mr. Khashhuu will guide you on the techniques of how to properly steer an ox cart to which you will have plenty of time to continue honing your skills in the surrounding area. In the afternoon, the family will prepare and serve you with your farewell lunch to which you will depart back to Terelj Village for 1 kilometer by ox cart to catch your bus back to Ulaanbaatar.