Khuvsgul Horseback Trek – Live Like a Local with Nomadic Families in Mongolia

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9 Days - Group sizes: 2-6/prices per person; ask for solo prices
Khuvsgul Province
Max People : 6

Community Fee: $312 USD for 9 days / 8 nights;
Community fee: $164 USD for 6 days / 5 nights;

Additional In-Country Travel Expenses:
Rural Bus to Murun (1 way approx. 14 t0 15 hours): $14 USD;
Rural transport (approx.): $134 USD;
Note: Jeep cost can be divided among number travelers (1-6 persons);
Booking, briefing, handbook, healthy/safety coordination: $25 USD 

[ ZONE 2 – Experience Required ]

You will not regret booking this pristine horse trekking trip at the renown Khuvsgul Lake Region – one of Mongolia’s geographic gems and a highlight travel destination that should be visited. Its picturesque landscapes is dominated by sapphire freshwater lake, emerald forests and remarkably beautiful Mountain scenery. Ger to Ger is offering you a unique opportunity to explore the area by horseback and experience Mongolian nomadic lifestyle by participating within daily routines of nomadic families within the region. You will spend your days traveling by horseback, ox carts as well as some light trekking between nomadic camps. In your free time you will have plenty of time to prepare traditional foods and drinks, assist families in herding and milking of their animals. All these wonderful travel experiences will take place in a region with one of the most pristine ecological backdrops.

Day One and Two – Scenic bus ride to Khuvsgul Province (L, D – Overnight in Hotel): Prepare yourself for a long scenic bus ride across a diverse geographic landscapes i.e. steppes, mountains, rivers, etc. We recommend that you take the morning 0800 local bus (much like USA’s Greyhound Bus Line) from Ulaanbaatar to Murun – arrival in the evening – to which you can overnight on your own at a local hotel and depart the next morning to host family at Lake Khuvsgul. In order to make good time, the journey will be non-stop (2 drivers) so do bring a headrest (will be bumpy in some locations) and something to cover your eyes as you will need the rest along the way. You you will arrive in Murun the next afternoon around 1200. Upon your arrival, our local facilitator Mrs. Nyamdavaa will greet you at the bus station and you will have a chance to refresh and have lunch before departing on the route. Soon after, you will depart to the first nomadic family by Russian jeep for 130 kilometers. Upon arrival, Mr. Enkhbayar and his family will prepare and serve you a nomadic dinner and hot tea before you retire for the evening to your ger. Keep in mind that stargazing in Khuvsgul region is brilliant – depending on the weather, you may just want to go out and enjoy this opportunity.

Day Three – Horseback riding to Reindeer Herders (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast, you ‘may’ have a chance to learn a little about the local culinary practices. Afterwich you will start your 10 kilometer horseback riding trip (round trip) to Shar Tsaram where you will have an opportunity to meet a Reindeer family. You will enjoy in the breath-taking landscapes of Khuvsgul Province which is already renown both domestically and internationally for its pristine natural beauty. Lake Khuvsgul is recorded as the deepest lake in Central Asia with a maximum depth reaching 262 meters. Khuvsgul lake is crystal clear and the reflections of larch forests and majestic Mountains are amazing. You will greatly enjoy trekking along the beautiful shoreline and a picnic lunch surrounded by picturesque landscapes. In the evening time, you will return to the host family for a hot nomadic dinner and tea to be followed by a deep and relaxing sleep in the extra nomadic Ger.

Day Four – Traveling by ox cart to Santiin Ovoo (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After your breakfast, you will start your journey by ox cart to “Santiin Ovoo”. On the way, you will be served a picnic lunch. In the late afternoon, you will return to the nomad family and enjoy a homely dinner with the family.

Day Five – Horseback riding to next nomadic family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger):After breakfast, you will start a 15 kilometer journey by horseback riding trip and/or horse carts to the next nomad family. As you make your way to Mr. Hadbaatar’s family you will over the Sun Pass; from this vista you will have a pristine view of the Lake Khuvsgul Region. Upon arrival at Mr. Hadbaatar’s family, you will be served a lunch and traditional milk tea. This is a great opportunity for you to pull our your camera and take shots of the picturesque landscapes and scenery.

Day Six – Experience the nomadic lifestyle (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): Today you will have a great opportunity to spend quality time with the nomadic family that includes assisting with livestock herding, making nomadic dairy products, collecting water by ox cart as well as collecting fallen timber with assistant from the herder family that is used for cooking. In the evening time you can enjoy the freshly made yogurt, have an enjoyable dinner followed by an evening of learning how to play some ankle bone games with the family before retiring for the night (or you can always opt out for a good nights rest).

Day Seven – Trek to Lake Khuvsgul (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): Today after breakfast you will have a wonderful opportunity to pull out the camera during along a 20 kilometer (approx.) round-trip trek to Lake Khuvsgul with your nomad guide before returning in the evening for dinner with the family and overnighting in their extra nomadic Ger.

Day Eight and Nine – Depart back to Ulaanbaatar (B, L): Shortly after your morning breakfast with the family, the rural driver will arrive and take you to Murun (125 kilometers) by Russian jeep or minivan. For the return journey back to Ulaanbaatar you have two options: 1) take the 1400 Ulaanbaatar bus or 2) overnight again at a local hotel and take the early 0800 bus back to Ulaanbaatar.