MONGOLIA HOMESTAY – Horseback to Terelj Hot Springs

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9 Days - Group sizes: 2-6/prices per person; ask for solo prices

MONGOLIA HOMESTAY – Terelj’s Horseback Trek to Remote Hot Springs

This Mongolia Homestay grants you Live Like a Local access to nomadic families in Terelj National Park for some amazing horseback treks and trekking!

Community Fee: $472 for 9 Days / 8 Nights
Min: 2 person

Difficulty of trip: Challenging
Method of travel: Lots of horseback riding

Additional In-Country Travel Expenses
UB to Terelj Park Bus Fee (approx.): $2 USD
Booking & travel orientation w/ handbook: $25 USD

This is 100% a definitive horseback riding expedition – you and your nomadic guide will greatly enjoy transversing a mountainous region lushly fill with forests, wildlife, etc., that is home to the locally famed “Yustin Thermal Hot Springs”. Though this is semi-challenging – it is a 100% rewarding horseback route – you’ll be riding between 20 to 30 kilometers (approximates) a day as you make your way up into the mountains where you will spend most of your time. As you make your way to the Yustin Thermal Hot Springs, you shall travel through remote unspoiled scenic lands that is only accessible by trekking, horseback and/or helicopters. You will experience the broad diversity of mountain geographies as well as witness wild animals such as deer, moose and wild boar in their natural environs for the duration of the expedition. Yustin Thermal Hot Springs is based within the Yustin Valley which is in the middle the Khentii Mountain Range. The thermal springs contain a high concentration of various minerals such as hydrogen carbonate, carbonate natrium and sulphur. Its healing waters stream out of granite and crystal rocks at temperatures from +34C. Only GER to GER is offers you this hidden and remote treasure as no other companies are offering it in Mongolia – as GER to GER maintains the nomad-advantage.

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day One

Travel North-Eastwards by Bus to Terelj National Park and by Horseback through a Mountainous River Valley to the first Nomadic Family (L, D – Overnight in a Genuine Nomadic Ger): You will depart Ulaanbaatar by local bus to the picturesque Terelj National Park, well known for its scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning river valleys and lush green forests that are habitat to local wildlife and an array of wild flowers too. Upon arrival at the Terelj Village bus stop, our nomadic guide will greet you. Together you will begin your three kilometer journey across rivers northwards into a pristine mountain valley, home to nomadic families. Upon arrival, at the family’s nomadic dwelling they will prepare and serve you with a welcoming hot nomadic lunch and tea. In the afternoon, you can spend the rest of the day with the family learning the techniques of how to herd nomadic livestock, tether sheep and goats for milking as well as trying out your Mongolian language skills in preparation for your long horseback expedition. All that before the evening dinner and retiring to your ger for the night.

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Two

Pack-up and Start the Horseback Journey to Heart Mountain (B, L, D – Overnight in a Genuine Nomadic Ger): After breakfast, pack your belongings on horses with your guide and start traveling through the scenic open steppes. At the beginning, you will soon realize that you are slowly leaving civilization behind and entering the forest wilderness surrounded by birds, marmots, squirrels and other small wildlife. In the evening, you will reach the overnight destination and setup a campsite along the river shore next to Heart Mountain. It is called Heart Mountain, simply because it is shaped like a  heart; the river nearby is called Khurkh River.

Approx. riding distance – 25 km 

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Three

Horseback to The Locally Known “Hunter’s Camp” and Natural Springs (B, L, D – Overnight in a Genuine Nomadic Ger): After your morning meal you will continue your ride into a dense pine forest at the southern tip of Siberian Taiga. Throughout today’s ride there may be opportunities that you will come across Golden eagles, woodpeckers, and other birds – so make sure that you have a handy pair of binoculars with you. Our destination for today is the Suviin Davaa where you will setup camp, have a hot meal and stay overnight; among locals, this location is known as “hunter’s camp” with a nearby fresh water spring. 

Approx. riding distance – 30 km 

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Four

Horseback Through the Locally Renown Location for Wildlife Diversity (B, L, D – Camping in Tent): As you leave your camp site behind with a full stomach, you will enter the tundra forests. Historically, this environment is typically a moose habitat so keep your eyes sharp and try to look for signs of their presence such as hoof tracks, broken tree branches and rather large moose-pellet piles (excrements) of this magnificent animal. After hours of riding through a mixture of lush forests noted for its abundance of wolves, bears, deer and moose and open valleys, you will reach the campsite.  ‘Hajuugiin otog’ is also a campsite for hunters and depending on weather and your riding pace – your campsite today will be along the riverbed or within an open meadow. 

Approx. riding distance – 30 km

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Five and Six

Horseback to Yustin Thermal Hot Springs and Absorb Their Ancient Healing Powers (B, L, D – Camping in Tent): After breakfast, it’s time to saddle-up the horses and continue the horseback journey to Yustin thermal springs; locally known to heal joints and skin illnesses. You will find 3 hot tubs surrounded by 9 small hot springs, each hot spring is good for specific part of your body. For example, one is beneficial for skin and other one is good for the kidney. Archaeologists have discovered artifacts from stone and bronze age in the surrounding areas – they depicted people being aware of healing powers of the thermal spring.

Local Legend of Yustin Hot Springs: Locals say that once upon a time, a hunter failed to shoot a deer and severely wounded it. Terrified by the hunter, the deer fled into the forrest and fell into Yustin Springs. Luckily healing waters helped the deer heal and recover. Also locals say that the healing waters healed many women who had fertility problems. 

Today and tomorrow, do enjoy the thermal hot springs and soak yourself in its ancient healing waters surrounded by pristine nature.

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Seven

Horseback Trek to Red Pass (B, L, D – Camping in Tent): After breakfast, you will have an excellent horse trek to Ulaan Davaa – the name means the Red Mountain pass. Ulaan Davaa is know for its abundance of red shrubs and bushes – along the way you’ll see the Hongor River. By mid-day you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a scenic picnic lunch as you make your way to the next camping site. Upon arrival, dinner will be prepared and served before retiring for the night.

Approx. riding distance – 30 km

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Eight

Horseback Trek to “Hunter’s Camp” (B, L, D – Camping in Tent): After breakfast, you will begin the four hour horseback journey till you reach the picnic lunch location. After your break, you will continue the journey for a couple more hours before arriving at Suviin Davaa to set up camp and enjoy an evening rest. 

Approx. riding distance – 30 km

Mongolia Homestay – Horseback Riding and Trekking Day Nine

Horseback Trek to the Nomadic Family for the Farewell Lunch (B, L): This morning you will continue your horseback journey back to the nomadic family where you will have your farewell lunch. In the late afternoon your local guide will take you for scenic ox cart or horseback ride to Terelj Village where you will depart back to Ulaanbaatar.

Included services:

  • All nomadic breakfast, lunch and dinner which are stated on itinerary
  • Herder guide service on route
  • Horse riding on route
  • Pack horse on route
  • Sightseeing
  • Visit nomadic families
  • Cultural activities (make dried curds, pack on yak cart etc)
  • Boiled water on route
  • Camping equipment /sleeping bag, mattress and tent/

Not included:

  • Training and Liability Lesson
  • Public bus ticket
  • Personal use

Important Notes for Mongolian Homestay Travel and Mongolia Homestay: These are “non-touristic” cultural adventures with nomadic families – please do refer to the ‘terms and conditions’ for further clarifications. Winter itineraries are provided for “reference” there will always be changes in activities, methods of travel, etc., to maintain the ‘health/safety’ of travelers and nomadic families. Please double confirm itineraries via email and/or upon arrival at our office during the “training workshop”. ONLINE Itineraries are ONLY meant to provide you a “general” comprehension of day to day experiences and prices (subject to changes), terrain, lifestyles, etc., distances will change in accordance with Nomadic pastures, weather, culture, lifestyles and other factors.

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