Nomadic Lifestyle Experience – Live Like a Local with Nomadic Families in Mongolia

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6 Days - Group sizes: 2-6/prices per person; ask for solo prices
Terelj National Park
Max People : 6

Community fee: $301 for 6 days / 5 nights;
Community fee: $234 for 5 days / 4 nights;
Community fee: $211 for 4 days / 3 nights;
Community fee: $164 for 3 days / 2 nights;
Community fee: $109 for 2 days / 1 night;

UB to Terelj Park Bus Fee (approx.): $2 USD;
Booking, briefing, handbook, healthy/safety coordination: $25 USD

[ ZONE 1 – First Time Outbackers and Family Friendly ]

If you are looking for a great combination a horseback riding trip with some trekking and cultural nomad home-stay opportunities, this GER to GER trip is for you! On this wonderful community based cultural horseback riding trip at Khan Hentii’s Terelj National Park you have a brilliant opportunity to experience Mongolia’s nomadic lifestyle by horseback, ox carts as well as trekking from one nomadic family to another. Imagine traveling across vast geographic terrains by horseback riding and trekking that include open steppe pastures, river valleys, mountain passes, lush forests and prairies filled with wild flowers! Your cultural journey is just beginning as you arrive at a bright white nomadic felt tent known as a Ger in the middle of emerald green pastures surrounded by towering mountains. Our local nomadic family greets you with traditional foods and drinks after an amazing day of outdoor horseback riding and trekking. To which the evening is spent learning different aspects of nomadic lifestyle from herding livestock, sewing traditional garments, playing nomadic games, learning the ancient art of Mongolian archery to how nomads produce dairy products, and etc! From family to family, along their “off the beaten path” rural travel route, you will gain skills and knowledge from real nomadic families that have passed down from generation to generation way before the times of Chinggis Khan and the ancient Mongol Empire.

(Notes: 1. Distance may indeed vary, shorter on some days and longer on others 2. Travelers will pay directly on bus 3. Travelers will pay for local park fees when required)

Day One – Bus ride to Khan Hentii’s Terelj National Park, horseback riding to Mongolian nomadic family (L, D – Overnight in Ger): You will depart Ulaanbaatar and will have an approximate 2 hour bus ride to Terelj National Park. Upon arrival at the 2nd to last bus stop (Terelj Village), our local guide will greet you with either an ox cart or by horseback. From here you will begin your 3 kilometers horseback from the crossing of the Terelj River and continue northwards through an incredibly stunning mountain river valley to your first nomadic family. Upon arrival you will dismount and enter into Mr. Chuluunhuu’s Ger where you will be greeted with a hot nomadic lunch and traditional Mongolian tea. During your stay, Mr. Chuluunhuu ‘may’ show you the techniques of how to saddle a horse and prepare ox cart to which you will have time plenty of time to refine your skills and continue practice it yourself afterwards. Suggestion, this family is a good family to learn how to play some traditional Mongolian games with. Nights in the Park are amazing, before retiring to your ger for evening, it’s a great opportunity to just enjoy a bit of star gazing and take in the fresh air – which is always great for a deep and relaxing sleep.

Day Two – Horseback riding to Mongolia’s Duujin Guur Monastery and learning the daily routines of nomadic lifestyle (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast you will start your horseback riding trip to a beautiful and one of the holiest Buddhist temples; it will be 24kms round trip – Monks do meditation at Temple. The surrounding area of temples you will see Gods’ carving on rocks – on the way back you’ll be served a picnic lunch. Afterwards you will return back to the family by horseback and can assist/learn the daily routines of nomadic families – in the evening time you will be served a dinner.

Day Three – Horseback riding to next nomadic family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After your breakfast, you will begin the 23 kilometer horseback riding trip through forested landscapes over to an open and picturesque green plain where Ms. Amarjargal’s family will prepare and serve you with a much deserved hot nomadic lunch and tea. Ms. Amarjargal, a locally well known and talented local nomadic seamstress (she sews traditional garments for the local nomads), she ‘may’ teach you how to tie a bridle as well as how to make Mongolian patterns for traditional garments which will be followed by a wonderfully hot nomadic dinner and traditional tea with the family.

Day Four – Horseback riding to next family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): Today after breakfast, you will continue traveling by horseback for 9 kilometers to the next family with a local nomadic guide. Upon arrival at Mr. Bold’s family, they will prepare and serve you with a hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea. Later that afternoon, you ‘may’ be shown how to properly tether livestock together, etc., before your evening dinner with the family and retiring for the evening to your ger.

Day Five – Horseback riding to next nomadic Family (B, L, D – Overnight in Ger): After breakfast, you will travel 9 kilometers by horseback or ox cart through lush forests along the Terelj River to Mr. Enhee’s family where they will prepare and serve you with a hot nomadic lunch and traditional tea. After your meal and some rest, she ‘may’ show you the process of how to make dried nomadic curds and some before your evening dinner with the family.

Day Six – Learn the skills of steering an ox cart before return to Ulaanbaatar City (B, L): After breakfast, Mr. Enhee, will teach you how to steer an ox cart and you can refine your skills with him around the area. Before you begin your 1 kilometer ox cart or horseback ride trip back to Terelj National Park (Bus back to UB), the family is going to prepare and serve you with a farewell lunch – you last taste of nomadic lifestyle, enjoy!