Desert Oasis to Orkhon Falls Tour – Mongolia Expedition

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6 Days - Group sizes: 2-6/prices per person; ask for solo prices

Discounts for group sizes 5-8: $584 p.p.

This GER to GER overland trip is a wonderful travel package offers you the chance to combine several stunning geographical and historical locations, one being a desert oasis and the second the famed Orkhon Waterfall. In between your overland travels, you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit the famed Karakorum that was the Empire of the Ancient Mongol Khans and remotely located hidden monastery known a Tuvkhun Khiid. This and many more fantastic cultural adventures await you along this overland trip that has been custom designed for those that wish to have a Gobi Desert experience but may not have the time nor the funds to make such a long desert expedition.

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Day One – Overland Trip Across Central Mongolia for some Trekking to the Human Statue and White Lake (L, D – Overnight in extra Mongolian Nomadic Ger – Cultural Home Stay): You depart from Ulaanbaatar city and travel overland for four hours by public bus to Rashaant soum (Bulgan Province) where upon arrival you will be greeted by the local driver at the bus station. The driver will take you to the first nomadic family that is 38 kilometers away, when you arrive at Mr. Dashpuntsag’s family, they will prepare and welcome you with a nomadic lunch and tea. Afterwards, you will start your 10 to 12 kilometer trekking journey to the ancient human statue (relic) and White Lake before returning to the nomadic family. After your adventurous day of trekking, you will return to the family where they will prepare and serve you with a hot dinner and drinks.

Day Two – Trekking along Mongolia’s Gobi Desert‘s Northern Regions Sand Dunes (B, L, D – Overnight in extra Mongolian Nomadic Ger – Cultural Home Stay): After breakfast, you will continue your journey to next herder family by trekking for 11 kilometers. Upon arrival at Mr. Munkhbat’s family, you will be served a nomadic lunch and tea before continuing your camel ride (or horseback) with your guide across desert sand dunes for 11 kilometers. In the evening you will return to a hot meal and a great night’s rest.

Day Three – Desert Trekking Trip to a Mongolian Oasis known as White Lake (B, L, D – Overnight in extra Mongolian Nomadic Ger – Cultural Home Stay): After breakfast you will continue your journey camels or horseback riding for 9 kilometers to next nomadic family where Mr. Zagddorj and his family prepare and serve you with a nomadic lunch and tea. Afterwards, you will trek for 18 kilometers to and back from the Desert Oasis which called in Mongolian as Shireet Tsagaan Nuur, be sure to have your camera prepped and ready for this astonishing location. In the evening time, you will have a farewell dinner with a family and play the traditional Mongolian ankle-bone game called “shagai” with the family members.

Day Four – Overland Travel to Geographical Center of Mongolia and the Orkhon Waterfalls (B, L, D – Overnight in Mongolian Ger Camp): After your breakfast, the local driver will pick you up from the herder family and drive you for 38 kilometers to the geographical center of Mongolia called “Uvurkhushuutyn Bulag”. In 1979, a well known Mongolian geography professor called Sharavyn Shagdar famous for his 60 years of travels throughout Mongolia and numerous publications (40 books) about Mongolia’s geography and history had determined this point. Once you reach the heart of Mongolia, you will be served with a packed lunch from the family. After your lunch, you will continue your overland travel to Orkhon Waterfall. Ulaan Tsutgalan, a waterfall on the Ulaan River, cascades from an impressive height of 20 meters and with a width of 10 meters, and it extends for 100 meters from the Orkhon River; the Orkhon River flows through basalt rocks from Gyatruu Range to Karakorum. Upon arrival at the ger camp, you will begin preparing what to bring for your 10 to 15 kilometer round-trip trek to the waterfall. This is a great opportunity to bring your camera for landscape shots during your trek. When you return to the ger camp you will have a dinned and much deserved rest.

Day Five – Trekking Trip to  Tuvhun Monastery then an Exploring Karakorum the Ancient Capital of the Mongol Empire (B, L, D – Overnight in Mongolian Ger Camp): After breakfast we will continue our overland travel to Karakorum, the ancient capital city of the Mongol Empire. On the way, we will stop by Tuvhun Monastery that is located on the peak of Undur Shireet at an altitude of 2312 meters above sea-level in-between Arkhangai and Uvurkhangai Provinces. It was established by Zanabazar, the first religious head of state, in 1654 and erected on the south slope surrounded by steep angle rocks ranging 20 meters high with 14 small temples. In 1680s at this location is where he created the famous letter “Soyombo”, and the temple has enjoyed state protection since 1998 and has been registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site “The most wonderful valuable object” in 1996. After lunch at the ger camp, you will visit the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire known as Karakorum and Erdenezuu Monastery that was established within its protective walls. Karakorum was established in 1220, and served as the capital of Mongolia for 140 years and the capital of the Mongol Empire for 32 years. Erdenezuu Monastery was the first Buddhist monastery erected at the initiative of Abtai Sain Khan in 1585.

Day Six – Travel Overland to Rashaant to Return by Rural Bus to Ulaanbaatar (B, L): After breakfast, you will travel overland back to Rashaant village where along the way you will stop by a nomadic family for lunch before boarding the bus back to Ulaanbaatar that departs around 5pm.