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  • GER to GER’s Global Credibility

    GER to GER's Global Timeline and Professional References Tested, Tried, 100% Proven AND Traceable History A Brief Look at Mr. Zanjan Fromer (USA Founder) and GER to GER's Timeline of Achievements, Honors and Recognitions: 2017 World Travel Market London, UK - GERtoGER.org and Responsible.Tours [...]

  • National Geographic Society - Ranks GER to GER in Top Global Travel Experiences

    GER to GER Eco Adventures! Mongolia – Overland, Horseback Riding, Camel Trekking, Trekking | Trips, Tours and Expeditions

    GER to GER Eco Adventures Film! Mongolia - Overland, Horseback Riding, Camel Trekking, Trekking | Trips, Tours and Expeditions You are on your way to becoming a responsible explorer, cultural ecotourism ambassador and change-maker! Safety and Expertise via Sustainable GeoTourism Agency In 10 years, well over [...]

  • Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia - Experience the Ancient Nomadic Legacy

    Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia – 2014 Travel Season

    Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia 2014 Season GER to GER Review Methodology As many are becoming aware, I like to put information into perspective in order to give context, timelines and situational environments towards fair market practices. When reviewing GER to GER’s performance [...]


TREK, HIKE and WALKING via NOMADIC ROUTES ACROSS MONGOLIAWe've invested YEARS into developing nomadic trekking and hiking routes across Mongolia for YOU the active Trekkers and Hikers via our LIVE LIKE A LOCAL itineraries.Imagine remote trekking and hiking routes across Mongolia that are outfitted with nomadic families that provide you with a pack-horse or pack-oxcart (you never have to carry your backpacks!), food/drink, accommodations in the extra nomadic ger “yurt” as well as guide who safely takes you from their family to the next nomadic family across the deserts, mountains, river valley and more! And the super good news is that from every $100s up to 80% is returned to all participating nomadic families and community members!!!For more info about what to expect and how we actively benefit nomadic families please visit: WHAT TO EXPECT (Experiences, Prices, etc.)If YOU really enjoy trekking, hiking and walking - then today’s blog is for YOU… However, as some countries may get the terms a little confused - let me provide a super quick summarized definition:Trekking (trek) is more rigorous and challengingHiking (hike) is less rigorous yet it does provide some challenges from time to timeWalking (walk) is geographically not a serious challenge yet [...]

March 28th, 2019|


MY ONLY COMPETITION IS ME - I AM MY OWN BIGGEST COMPETITION - NOT YOU. With SO MANY COMPANIES COPYING EACH OTHER how does anyone determine ‘WHO IS WHO’ today? Who is real and original? Who is just faking it till they make it? Who's just riding the tailcoat of others' achievements? Simple - have a look at the companies’ “Gym Ethics”… Here let me explain: This is truly a sensitive subject matter as many businesses ‘do not’ stop to consider this… there is “ethical competition” and “unethical competition”. In a world where many harness “unethical competition” to advance themselves and their businesses to maximize profitability and literally steal incomes from families, children, and the elderly - I want to focus on inspiring everyone to “Compete Ethically”. Strange huh… I’m actually encouraging my competition “to compete”… but it must be done within the realm of “Gym Ethics” -  if you ‘cheat’ while you are lifting weights then the only person you are cheating is “YOURSELF”; you will not get wiser, stronger, healthier, etc., and soon everyone will know that you are just another cheat. So when I say let's compete - I mean - let's help each other to lift [...]

March 19th, 2019|

Nomadic Geotourism Mongolia – Rest, Relax, Recharge

REST, RELAX AND RECHARGE IN MONGOLIA You Exist and YES You are Important! In today's world, it is so easy to feel insignificant - but in reality you are significant. Nevertheless, even the best novelists are challenged with writer's block and that's when we all need to temporarily readjust our compass while maintaining our bearing. What does that all mean... you need to take a 'Rest and Relax' (R&R) trip away from everything that stresses you out! Imagine for a moment that you had your own nomadic Gers along an outback network of nomadic families who just desire for you to eat, drink, rest and sleep your way across Mongolia... whether if you change your nomadic ger for another location every day, and/or every other day, you should be seriously considering "Living Like a Local" nomadic Geotourism trip with nomadic families. Imagine a 7 day or even a 14 day outback excursion with nomadic families across mountain ranges, vast open steppes or even deep into the desert regions... You can sleep-in as much as your desire, wake up to very caring nomadic families, have hearty nomadic meals and traditional teas... afterwards go back to sleep or go out for a [...]

March 18th, 2019|

GER to GER Mongolia Fulfills the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

GER to GER Mongolia Fulfills the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Hello International Travelers and Partners! Everyone at GER to GER is excited to inform YOU how successful Ger to GER has been at in achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals! GER to GER truly believes that YOU all have provided a direct “positive” impact on Mongolia and we would like to share some of the successes with you! GER to GER measures its "Responsible Tourism" successes via the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) and we have shared some of those successes below for you. Definitive SHORT-LIST of how GER to GER ACTIVELY FULFILLS the UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG 1 - NO POVERTY: 80% of Humanitarian Trips’ finances are returned to rural nomads, drivers, etc.; 20% towards rural communities’ international marketing and training workshops. SDG 2 - ZERO HUNGER: We have/continue to employ nomadic families who are the poorest of the poor that only have had 1 cattle and a couple sheep in the Gobi Desert, Terelj National Park, etc., and completely improved their lives within a few years, etc. SDG 3 - GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: Our training efforts focus on daily health/safety, reduce sanitation illnesses (Hepatitis A, etc.), tourism incomes allow [...]

May 29th, 2018|

Security Alert to U.S. Citizens in Mongolia: Social Media Scamming

Security Alert to U.S. Citizens in Mongolia: Social Media Scamming Date: February 13, 2018 - 08:53 The Government of Mongolia recently reported a sharp increase in social media scamming.  The scams vary widely and may involve identity theft, extortion, prostitution, and/or larceny.  Perpetrators are actively locating and targeting victims through the following social media outlets: Social networks such as Facebook Dating sites such as Tinder Professional networks such as LinkedIn Video sharing such as YouTube and vlogs (video weblogs) Audio sharing such as podcasts Photo sharing such as Flickr and Photobucket Social bookmarking such as Digg and Reddit Public comment sections on webpages (such as those for online news sites) User created web pages such as Wikis and Wikipedia To help prevent scamming, the U.S. Embassy advises all U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Mongolia to observe certain best practices when using social media. Post with Caution You should have no expectation of privacy when using social media.  Before posting an announcement or blog, assume that a wider audience will read it. Consider how your posting could make you a target for scammers.  Avoid posting any information that could make you a target, such as a prominent or influential position or job.  Avoid posting any [...]

February 13th, 2018|

GER to GER’s Global Credibility

GER to GER's Global Timeline and Professional References Tested, Tried, 100% Proven AND Traceable History A Brief Look at Mr. Zanjan Fromer (USA Founder) and GER to GER's Timeline of Achievements, Honors and Recognitions: 2017 World Travel Market London, UK - GERtoGER.org and Responsible.Tours - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2017 Seoul International Travel Mart Expo - GERtoGER.org and Responsible.Tours - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2017 COTTM, Beijing's International Travel Exhibition  – GERtoGER.org TEAM 2017 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition  – GERtoGER.org - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2016/17 Mongolia Producer of "Dani's Way"; first trilateral international production between Beijing, USA and Mongolia - supported by Mongolia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2016 World Travel Market (WTM) London, England - GERtoGER.org - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2016 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition  – GERtoGER.org - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2015 “THE MINISTERIAL GOLD STAR – MEDAL OF HONOR FOR LEADERSHIP” - GOVERNMENT ID BOOK AND SEAL 2015 WTM London Travel International Travel Exhibition – GERtoGER.org - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2015 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition  – GERtoGER.org - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2006-Today Official Partner of Give2Asia (USA501c3) 2005-Pres. IMDb Profile and Some Client Listings 2014 Certified Member of the American Society of Travel [...]

December 25th, 2017|

GER to GER Mongolia’s USA Founder Contacts US FTC

GER to GER’s USA Founder Contacts the US Federal Trade Commission “Trip Advisor’s Unethical Practices” GERtoGER’s USA Founder has officially contacted the US Federal Trade Commission (email included below)… So please kindly “ignore” the fraudulent and fake defamatory Reviews about #GERtoGER on #TripAdvisor & #LonelyPlanet #ThornTree – FTC is investigating Trip Advisor’s Practices. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is like the FBI for Commercial Services that investigate “fraud, unethical practices, etc.” Also please kindly ignore unethical bloggers that are known ‘industry trolls/disruptors’ such as ‘Fresh Coffee Stains’ and her posts: 1) “Ger to Ger: Goat’s milk and stinky cheese in Mongolia’s Gobi desert…” 2) “Warning: Do NOT do Ger to Ger program – Lonely Planet”. Bloggers like her are industry disruptors that troll well-known people/organizations to generate unethical sensationalism to drive readers to her blog and unethically drive business/travelers towards competitors that they state in their blogs. Thank you kindly! GER to GER Team ————— OFFICIAL LETTER TO THE FTC TRIP ADVISOR: CORPORATE FRAUD/ANTITRUST – OPPRESSES ANOTHER AMERICAN; THIS EMAIL SUPPORTS SENATOR BALDWIN’S INVESTIGATION REQUEST Hello FTC, Owing to recent events – Senator Tammy Baldwin requesting your agency to Investigate into Trip Advisor’s Review Policies (Mexico Rape/Trip Advisor Review [...]

December 25th, 2017|

GER to GER Fully Paid for Disabled Nomad’s Surgery

News Update! In late 2016/17 - GER to GER returns the "gift of life" by 100% financing the entire hip-replacement surgery/rehabilitation of a nomad; today he's successfully maintaining his nomadic lifestyle, family and children. Mr. Khashhuu’s Family Shares their Experiences Terelj National Park, Mongolia   Hashuu: “We have been working for Ger to Ger as a host family in the Terelj national park for 8 years, I live with three children and my wife. The benefits of working with Ger to Ger are countless. During last eight years, we purchased more animals and extra Ger. We also were able to purchase a solar panel so my family is able to watch tv, have lights in the evening and recharge our mobiles at home rather running to neighbor family regular basis."   Wife: "Moreover, Ger to Ger saved my husband's health in 2016. He used to be a disabled person because he fell off horse long time ago and did not have proper health treatment for his injury. However, in 2016 Ger to Ger paid for his entire hip replacement surgery/one month's physical therapy treatment cost at the Korean Hospital. Today, he is working by himself and started to herd animals [...]

May 31st, 2017|

GER to GER Mongolia Reviews “Expectations” – Humanitarian Trips

Case Study: "Expectations" - Being a Humanitarian vs a Tourist GER to GER Mongolia Case Study - Foster Respect and Learning: If you buy a rural humanitarian trip is it ethical to "judge" it as a vacation? Ethics 101 THE CASE STUDY: "Expectations" - contracted to be a Humanitarian Traveler but treats/bashes everything like a "Tourist with an Attitude"; Reality Humanitarian Trips are not our vacation packaged trips. People need to learn how to read/listen to the details (website, contracts, workshops, etc.). Why should GERtoGER be abused/liable for such "tourists" who don't read/listen/choose the correct trip for themselves? Folks you decide as this case study represents the negativity that I have encountered on Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree... In all honestly, the Question that should be asked is… "How do these tourists rate as humanitarians?" Reasoning - they all purchased/contracted humanitarian trips that are 100% managed by locals that allows foreigners an opportunity to learn how to become humanitarians; disrespecting a highly qualified instructor/workshop, disrespecting the local communities, etc., is not what we instruct. Question, why do they intentionally choose us and the wrong travel services for themselves? Indeed that's the true question that highlights their motives which is [...]

April 12th, 2017|

Open Ocean Ambassadors; Sea, Land, Wildlife and Humans

Open Ocean Ambassadorship Tourists Harasses Baby Shark for a Selfie, Article Link: https://www.thedodo.com/tourist-grabs-baby-shark-2245755483.html First and foremost, I was born and raised in Alaska and for the last 20+ years I have been assisting Mongolia to further it's main industries during its Transitional Phase. In the last decade alone, I can honestly state that international Tourists need to be re-educated about open "open ocean approach" when experiencing different environs (sea, etc.), remote human cultures, etc... My humanitarian organization has been trying to re-educate tourists for over a decade - a lot of the time we succeed however we also get those incredible failures... that bash us online etc.   I would love to team up for a global re-educational awareness program to foster such tourists into "Open Ocean Ambassadors"; for ocean wildlife, land wildlife, remote human cultures, etc. So they can start to learn how to appreciate and experience our world's species in their natural environs.   Everyone knows I've had my scars with trying to help a handful of these type of tourists for the last decade and I'm sure some of you guys have your scars as well. Though we've been more successful than failures, it's still hurts us when [...]

February 9th, 2017|

GER to GER Geotourism Mongolia | Lets END Scampackers and Trip Advisor’s Corporate Fraud

Lets END Scampackers and Trip Advisor’s ANTITRUST/ Corporate FraudTRIP ADVISORS INABILITY TO DETERMINE TRUTH FROM FICTION IS DANGEROUS FOR TOUR OPERATORS AS GROWTH OF SCAMPACKERS IS PROOF; TRIP ADVISOR DOESN'T POSSESS THE TECH, SKILL, MEANS, ETC., TO DETERMINE ONGOING FRAUD ON THEIR OWN PLATFORM.First and foremost, let me kindly reiterate that everyone at GER to GER Agency and Foundation always keeps an open door for 'ethics'; however, in my writing if my tone seems a bit stern - just kindly note that we've had to be patient for years. Best international policies ensure the safety and security of travelers, locals and of those managing the entire process (us humanitarians). It is for the aforementioned that GER to GER has decided to 'ethically' include this section into our website and is apart of our 'terms and conditions'."Scampackers" are not welcomed and will not be served; just like the No Shirt/No Pants Policy in USA/EU Stores.Why do Scammers, Frauds, Disruptors, Trolls, etc., love Trip Advisor? Why do scammers, frauds, disruptors, trolls, etc., use Trip Advisor for their scams? 1) They know Trip Advisor can not determine who is who, truth from fiction and that Trip Advisor doesn't verify any facts 2) They know that [...]

February 19th, 2016|

Online Reviews by Scammers Must BE Stopped

Online Reviews by Organized Scammers - This Must be Stopped For the past several years I have been monitoring, mapping and sometimes engaged in countering some very shady people from destroying a humanitarian organization that operates across 11,000 square kilometers to generate alternative livelihoods for nomadic families and rural inhabitants living on the edge of poverty; according to Western and European standards. This post is not aimed at any one given individual, however, I would like to pull the public's attention to a real situation that truly highlights the negative impacts that we all must endure… These unverified and uncontrolled online public defamations by unethical networkers, scammers and internet trolls are as bad as intentionally poisoning children during Halloween. Real Case Study of the Month A UK girl arrives at GER to GER office post my international travel for the humanitarian organization, I was only a few minutes late - jet lag and all, nothing unusual seeing we are all operating on winter schedule - traffic jams, etc. Nonetheless, what was about to transpire in my office left me shocked and truly heart-broken… I noticed this young girl wondering our lounge area… she was unusually fidgety - I ventured to ask [...]

December 5th, 2015|

GER to GER Liability Note – Public Zoo vs. Free-Ranging Styles

GER to GER Liability Note - Public Zoo vs. Free-Ranging Styles Community Based Travel Routes - Public Zoo vs. Free-Ranging National Park Styles (Ethnographic Explorer/Humanitarian Liability Note) Simply, Ethnographic Explorers love this sort of Advance Ethnographic/Cultural Exploration (over 90% of GER to GER's annual clients) - as it's a combination of the planned itinerary with plenty of random experiences. However, "Typical Tourists" who cannot make the transition in 'travel styles' generally feel that these trips weren't what they expected as they can't handle random experiences in their travel plans; and yes, I know these type of "Typical Tourists" love their Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet' Thorn Tree Rants. Every year GER to GER averages only a few tourists per year that were not able to successfully make the cultural bridge between them and the Mongolian Nomadic Families (easy to calculate - just look at the post dates and calculate the number of posts per year, there are not that many considering GER to GER averages more than a few hundred travelers per year. Which means, yes, GER to GER has way more successes per year [avg. well over 90%] than dramatized failures"). Hey I know - we're all human, but as one [...]

October 17th, 2015|


Mr. Simon Lok “Get A FREE VACATION” SCAM - Caught Violations: Attempted Company/Humanitarian Organization Defraud, Organized Cross-Border Social Economic White-Collar Networking Crimes (Gang), Public Defamation/Human Rights Violations (Articles 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 22, 23, 30) Click the follow link to access the Official Public Report Link (PDF): GER to GER M&E Investigation Report - Mr. Simon Lok - July 2015   Details Only Released "after" Mr. Lok's Offline Attempt at Physically Bullying of an Office Woman and Online Abuses It is GER to GER's strict policy never to release names of people related to ongoing investigations - however, Mr. Simon Lok after being provided the Monitor and Evaluation Investigation Report has intentionally decided to further his Illegal attempts at Defrauding a Humanitarian Organization and continues to engage with others in unethically organizing online and offline Public Defamation of GER to GER and the Founder (organized white-collar crimes, etc.). Quick Intro of GER to GER GER to GER Foundation and Agency (www.GERtoGER.org) is an internationally recognized humanitarian organization that operates community tourism throughout Mongolia. GER to GER maintains 100% transparency, all documentation is audited by numerous agencies (past decades) including but not limited to the following: USAID, Swiss Development Agency [...]

August 15th, 2015|

GER to GER Eco Adventures! Mongolia – Overland, Horseback Riding, Camel Trekking, Trekking | Trips, Tours and Expeditions

GER to GER Eco Adventures Film! Mongolia - Overland, Horseback Riding, Camel Trekking, Trekking | Trips, Tours and Expeditions You are on your way to becoming a responsible explorer, cultural ecotourism ambassador and change-maker! Safety and Expertise via Sustainable GeoTourism Agency In 10 years, well over 6,000+ international travelers have been trained and traveled Responsibly across Mongolia; GER to GER continues to maintain its rural health and safety scorecard at 99%+ Success!     GeoTourism Travel Style - Ethnographic Exploration   Click here to learn what is National Geographic Society's Definition of GeoTourism? Welcome to GER to GER Mongolia! Mongolia's First Internationally Awarded Nationwide Sustainable Geotourism Travel Agency/Operator (CSR) offering community based cultural ecotourism routes that allow you to travel like early explorers i.e. Marco Polo or Roy Chapman Andrews from nomadic family to nomadic family across vast and epic geographical terrains as done since the ancient days; before and after Mongolia's Great Emperor, Chingis Khan. In addition to our nomadic routes, GER to GER offers soft adventure travel packages, professional film and tv production logistics that includes all pre-production, production and post production logistical support. We are 'the' industry professionals - filmmakers, explorers, social economic developers and humanitarians that design travel experiences for [...]

June 23rd, 2015|

GER to GER Back in the Field – Blog Review

GER to GER back in the Field! Mongolia - Community Based Tourism Workshop Summery This year, our office staff have traveled across Mongolia by jeeps and buses to reach most of our remote locations to carry out Community Based Tourism Workshops for our nomadic families. This year in addition to our standard industry reporting on client feedbacks, etc., we have re-incorporated "liabilities" into our workshops. We are delighted to report that during our knowledge sharing sessions, nomadic families have gain more in depth comprehension or their works, clients and how the global market reacts. Though most of the information provided was the first time that they have encountered such market dynamics, it was conveyed in local methodologies that meaningful and comprehensive to the participating nomadic families. GER to GER is committed to further our rural communities qualitative understanding of "what the tourism industry is" and what are the realities when operating therein. We deeply wish to thank all our wonderful travelers, even the 1% trouble makers (lol!), as they all have contributed towards the strengthening of GER to GER and all the rural nomadic families across Mongolia. On behalf of all our nomadic families, we are eager and excited [...]

May 26th, 2015|

GER to GER Founder’s Response about Trip Advisor Reviews

Just a Kind Note - GER to GER Trip Advisor Reviews Just a kind note... I know some have questioned my tone and frankness in my posts - understandable. Please kindly understand that over the past several years GER to GER was subjected to a massive online attack by unethical and shady characters (and it would seem that ethical posts are being deleted and blocked). For years I have remained silent however seeing how remaining silent only damages our works throughout Mongolia, I have decided to open up and take on this matter head-on. I know - A bit Unorthodox I know it may seem abrupt and a bit unorthodox for a Founder to go online and take on such a matter - but when seeing how it directly affects 100s of nomadic families' livelihoods it would be criminal to allow such fraud and slander to continue both unethically and unlawfully. Never Did Like Bullies Imagine seeing some people bullying a poor and relatively defenseless family in a developing country and publicly shaming them just to make themselves feel powerful or righteous as "We know everything foreigners"; how just is that action? And if I was standing nearby, and did [...]

April 8th, 2015|

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Guesthouse Situation

Recommended Guesthouses and Local Accommodations in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia What is the "Real Situation" of Local Guesthouses in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia? Today, guesthouses are everywhere and the goal of this post is not to belittle anyone's efforts towards advancing their guesthouse businesses in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - however after more than 5 years of having to personally deal with some very unethical guesthouses (a couple are just around our office building - we have "no" affiliation with them as they unlawfully used our GER to GER Brand Name to sell their tours), we do have a list of "wise recommendations" for you. The mission of this post is to save you a lot of heartache before you even arrive to Mongolia as we wish you all to have a wonderful experience. With all the recent developments in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia you don't have to opt-out to continue supporting unethical guesthouse tour operators - there are many other options around the city. But please do keep in mind that not all guesthouses are "unethical" and the goal of this post is designed to assist you in your efforts to determine "which is which" - GER to GER is not a guesthouse so we here to help you [...]

March 23rd, 2015|

GER to GER Mongolia Special Travel and Discount Offers

Its time to Discover Mongolia!   We have some exceptional SPECIAL offers for those that book within the next 10 days! Below are some trips that are scheduled to depart between now and June, if you book soon you will be the lucky few to receive this 15% discount!!!     Soft Adventures.   All of GER to GER Packaged Trips are uniquely design to maximize the best of both worlds - genuine local cultural immersion and leisure travel. Our offers focus on combining overland 4x4, local transport, guest accomodations in rural areas (hot showers!), highlights of Mongolia, cultural immersion with locals, and more!   This newsletter has been sent to you because you are a member of an association, registered, followed, or “check” that you desire more information about GER to GER. Email: info@gertoger.org  © 2015 GER to GER, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - http://www.GERtoGER.org       

March 20th, 2015|

GER to GER Travel Review – Mike Haynes

Ger to Ger Mongolia Travel Blog Author: Mike Haynes Travel Blog about GER to GER Today, I thought I would "copy and paste" some excerpts from Mike Haynes online blog about to GER to GER - for those wishing to read more, please do visit his blog at the above link "Simply Ger to Ger is exactly what it is.  Facilitated trips from one family's Ger (or Yurt, as our Russian friends call them) to another's, lead by a local community member.  Nothing has been upgraded for the tourist "experience", and this was the closest experience to free independent travel I've experienced with a company.  You travel like locals (or if you prefer, trek on foot along valleys and over passes accompanied by a yak drawn cart or pack-horse), and sleep in your own tent (this way you do not infringe on local's hospitality: by tradition if you are a tent-less guest you are given the host's beds for the night, this also helps privacy for both host and guest), and eat local food and drink prepared for you.  I believe their system works very well as true "ecotourism", you meet communities on their terms, and experience their life and [...]

February 23rd, 2015|

GER to GER Travel Blogs – Travelers’ Reviews and Blogs

“To Drink or Not to Drink! That was the question” GER to GER Travel Blogs - Today’s link: Every so often you come across a variety of interesting client reviews, this one I actually kinda enjoyed… It makes us feel good at GER to GER when we get travelers that are more in it for the raw adventure especially when they are booking ‘solo trips’ which are categorized as subsidized trips for travelers on tight budgets. At GER to GER we offer a variety of trips and experiences - our higher-end packaged trips provide more services in-line with the general tourism industry wants and needs. Our solo trips are for those on tight budgets that offers an opportunity to experience Mongolia in a more explorer and adventurous style; not your typical touristic style of travel by any means. I feel that Dabble in Travel was able to enjoy ‘being out there’ and take-in a lot of non-touristic cultural experiences that he is going to remember for a long time. Solo Trips are fun for most and for others no worries - if you require a little more leisure and comfort into your trip experience then you should have a look [...]

February 4th, 2015|

What’s the best way to travel for me in Mongolia?

What is the best way to travel for me in Mongolia? We have been asked this question 1000s of times and most of the time I would say that over 90% of the international travelers got it right - which is important to you and to us! It's important to review the itineraries carefully and ask questions or even recommendations from GER to GER staff and even from me, Zanjan Fromer, we are here to give you the most relevant information to ensure that you choose wisely. Step One - How to Review Ger to Ger? First and foremost, you need to ask yourself a few questions: 1. Are you a "tourist" type of traveler? 2. Do you prefer traveling on strict time schedules? 3. Are you afraid of getting a little dirty? 4. Do you prefer blaming others rather than problem solving? 5. If you break your backpack cable instead of trying to fix it yourself do your try to find a clever way to defraud the company into paying for it by threatening to defame the company's good name online? If you are any of the above then you really need to rethink is GER to GER [...]

January 27th, 2015|

Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia – 2014 Travel Season

Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia 2014 Season GER to GER Review Methodology As many are becoming aware, I like to put information into perspective in order to give context, timelines and situational environments towards fair market practices. When reviewing GER to GER’s performance in 2014 there are certain constant variables that must remain constant year after year in order to provide a more realistic grading curve, for example here are just a few categories: Number of GER to GER Travelers - Total Number of GER to GER Independent Travelers - Total Number of GER to GER Packaged Travelers - Total Number of Health and Safety Related Issues - Total Number of internal health related issues - Total Number of food related issues - Total Number of physical injuries - Total Number of Cultural Issues - Total Number of cross cultural issues - Total Number of cross cultural communication issues (fights, arguments, etc.) - Total Number of cultural shocks - Total Number of Service Related Issues - Total Number of driver related issues - Total Number of guide/interpreter related issues - Total Number of nomadic family related issues - Total GER to GER Review Analysis Our internal method of evaluating [...]

December 24th, 2014|

Review on GER to GER in Mongolia

GER to GER Mongolia - A Decade in Review  Since the launch of GER to GER in Mongolia, dating back nearly one decade ago, I wanted to do a review on GER to GER’s overall progress. Over the next few weeks I will be producing numerous blogs and posts dedicated to capturing the successes of GER to GER in hopes to provide a broader and more professional perspectives to our works throughout Mongolia.  Today, GER to GER remains the last internationally supported and funded (Swiss SDC and USAID) community based tourism initiative that continues to sustainably operates in Mongolia in accordance with its original Master Plan. This is a massive testament to our operational know-how, expertise and passion when you take into consideration that we launched this project on 1/3 of a foreigner's annual salary vs other project and programs that received funding in the 100s of thousands of dollars; Ms. Bayarsuren and I have 100s of non-billable days - hence we are humanitarian volunteers. Add the aforementioned with the following information and you begin to appreciate how successful GER to GER truly is beyond the financials generated for rural communities and nomadic families throughout Mongolia. Information about GER to GER - Reviews on GER to GER Review [...]

December 17th, 2014|
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