At GER to GER, Nomads are Nomads.

 Suitability Checks are done with the Travelers – the question is – are you suitable to travel and Live Like a Local with Mongolia’s Nomadic Families? GER to GER is not a tour operator that intentionally changes the Nomadic Families lifestyles, cultures, etc., so that travelers can enjoy a Western-European style of travel… it’s about the travelers learning how to become more Nomadic within the locals’ standards.

GER to GER GEOtourism Mongolia


Zone 1: Easy going circuits via nomadic family networks – first time outbackers and families with children.
Zone 2:  “Culturally Conscious” travelers who are experienced in the outback may travel on these nomadic family networks.
Zone 3 and 4: are Packaged Trips with guides, drivers, etc., are are open to first time outbackers, families and the more experienced.

All travelers are 100% responsible for choosing the correct “ZONES” for their experience and skill levels – if you have “Zero” outback experience and no previous experience with rural/bush/tribal peoples then you are required to choose: Zone 1, Zone 3 or Zone 4. First timers after completing at least one Zone 1 route are then accepted to travel on Zone 2 circuits with nomadic families.

When considering a trip with GER to GER please do consider your past experiences as it will influence your expectations… as we kindly discourage travelers booking inexpensive Nomadic Lifestyle Adventures with Nomadic Families with the goal of expecting/demanding “Packaged Trip” value (careful attention to itineraries, entertainment, etc.). Hence, please carefully review the following informations and our “terms and conditions”. Thank you!


Trip Suitability Question 1 –  YES/NO and why…
Do you enjoy NON-RIGID itineraries/experiencing travel like old school explorers (unexpected changes to: times, activities, etc.)?
Trip Suitability Question 2 –  YES/NO and details… 
Do you have any rural countryside/bush/outback travel experience (deep rural lifestyles, cultures, terrains, etc.)?
Trip Suitability Question 3 –  YES/NO and why…
Do you ENJOY LEARNING about foreign histories, cultures, lifestyles, languages, outback navigation/safety, etc.?
Trip Suitability Question 4 – YES/NO and why…
Do you ENJOY being pro-active/independent vs. passively waiting for everyone to serve/take care of you all the time?

If you are a “Quadruple NO” then we encourage you to consider our Tour Operations “Overland Expeditions” instead of humanitarian trips with nomadic families.

When deciding upon which trip is best for you – please do consider 1) types of geography and 2) cultural expectations as these two will definitely influence the quality of trip you desire.

Quick Tips: If you have never traveled into the wilderness for weeks NOR experienced tribal or nomadic cultures in foreign/developing countries for lengthy durations before (EU/USA WEEKEND CAMPING DOES NOT COUNT) – then you may experience a cultural shock as most nomadic families WILL NOT operate by western/european standards of tourism… however, it’s a trade off. Even if the nomadic families are inexperienced in western/European styles of tourism they do indeed posses an incredible wealth of geographic terrains, cultures, lifestyles, hospitality and more. Hence, us more internationally experienced expedition experts know this as we are constantly traveling the world via our “immersion tactics” of which we’ll teach you. However, if you don’t desire to learn “the basics” via a professional training workshop and have never traveled remotely before – then traveling with Nomadic Families via their Community Networks IS NOT suitable for you. For this reason we kindly recommend that you consider booking a “Packaged Overland Tour or Expedition” as this is more suitable as it’s offered with a guide/translator, vehicles, camps, hotels, etc.

As for geographies and cultural expectations – for first time travelers I would recommend Terelj National Park or somewhere nearby first before going out too far in the beginning as these are not “packaged trips” along the beaten path… For the more experienced outback travelers the country is open to you but do keep in mind that nomadic families in central regions live more comfortably (may have solar, small TV, etc., that they bring home instead of moving into the village) than those who life extremely remote – hence their lifestyles will differ some; that’s the reality of Mongolia.

Explore Mongolia from nomadic family to nomadic family across deserts, mountains, steppes, etc.; families are your hosts and guides. These Geotourism trips are 100% Affordable, 100% Community Based, 100% Reality, 100% On Your Own with trained nomadic communities that earn 80% of the Trip Fee!!! Nomadic families provide 3 meals with unlimited hot tea; your own nomadic ger as specified; nomadic guides that travel with you on an average of 20 to 40+ kilometers per day from one nomadic family to the next (family to family networks) across Mongolia’s deserts, mountains, steppes, pastures, river valleys, etc., with horses, ox-carts, camel, etc.. These types of trips are semi-all inclusive; contact us for further details.

HUMANITARIAN TRIPS are specifically designed to assist foreign travelers to become apart of the nomadic families across Mongolia – this IS NOT a “tourist day by day itinerary” type of travel. Success of Humanitarian Trips are 100% associated with the traveler’s ability to become a family/nomadic tribe member. If you succeed, then CONGRATULATIONS and pat yourself on the back! However if you fail, kick yourself on the ‘bum’ – don’t worry we will professionally train you prior to departure. Simply, you will have tons of FREEDOM to explore nomadic culture, lifestyle, epic locations, and more – you will stay 1 night/1 day with each nomadic family before they guide you to the next nomadic family where you will repeat your nomadic homestay. The methods/distances of travel between families will vary depending on quality of season pastures (you can always use families as base-camps for exploring the regions), nonetheless, the travel between nomadic families by horseback, ox carts, trekking, etc., will fulfill any avid adventures desires while the homestay will be greatly appealing to cultural lovers. The ONLY failures along Humanitarian Trips have been city tourists that had grand expectations that nomads would be an entertainment park instead of learning how to go with the flow like true explorers… Otherwise we have had GREAT SUCCESS with over 99% of international travelers! AND DON’T FORGET, 80% OF REVENUES GENERATED ON HUMANITARIAN TRIPS GOES BACK TO THE NOMADIC FAMILIES! 

Travel across Mongolia in style – our mid/high-end travel packages include vehicles, drivers, guides, camps, etc., that combines the best of Mongolia! These Geotourism trips are 100% mid/high-end tour operator services AND experiences; all inclusive: hotels, restaurants, drivers/vehicles, translators/guides, etc. GER to GER’s international partners scored GER to GER 9.2 out of 10 for EXCELLENCE.

GER to GER Relief Initiative: As of 2018 spring, nomadic families of the Dundgovi region are suffering owing to winter storms, spring droughts, etc., – this has been an ongoing issue for this region for the past few years… All travelers that desire to travel to this region are kindly requested to travel with minimal impact practices and visit these families with kind “supportive” hearts – your income via Geotourism is greatly assisting these families’ ability to stabilize. Please do enjoy the spectacular landscapes of this region but do take it easy on the nomadic families.

Lastly, for those bloggers trying to make a name for themselves via “sensationalism” and belittling the harsh challenges that nomadic families face with their children… please do not use these nomadic families for your ‘negative career launcher’ by associating our international brand name with your unknown blogs (such as FreshCoffeeStains “JugglingTam” did) – thanks!!!


“The best choice for a tour in Mongolia”
– Trip Advisor Review

“If you are thinking to take a tour in Mongolia this is the place to shop. Forget about all other agencies that offer traditional touristic tours with a English speaking guide, sleeping in tourost camps, etc. Ger to Ger will place you in real nomadic family without a tour guide so you will be on your own, sleeping in real gers with family, eating with family etc.  I took 2 humanitarian tours (Dairy and Gobi) and no doubt one of my best experiences in my life.”

Well over 95% are satisfied clients


We believe in good ole HONESTY; from 10,000+ SUCCESSES – less than 2 DOZEN aberrations… 

Liked the "Live Like a Local Nomad" Humanitarian Trips - Just As It Is
Satisfied 97%
Satisfied with the "Live Like a Local Nomad" Humanitarian Trips - However Needs Improvement
Liked the Packaged Trips - Just As It Is
Satisfied 95%
Satisfied with the Packaged Trips - However Needs Improvement


Please kindly note that GER to GER is refined for the more ‘responsible’, empathetic, open minded, non-judgemental and non-touristic type of travelers and explorers who do not have the typical ‘touristic expectations’ that desire something truly unique that is much more towards the exploration of the non-touristic and/or “REALITY” aspects of cultures, countries, environs, geographic terrains, etc… 



It is mandatory that all travelers, especially “Low Budget Travelers” (LBTs), review the information on our “Term and Conditions” Page (link below) before booking online and/or visiting our office in Ulaanbaatar to book trips with local nomadic communities.

Thank You