Quick Policy Points to Remember

By booking (wether it be online and/or offline) you are 100% agreeing to comply with the following points:

Remember YOU are 100% responsible for choosing the correct itinerary in accordance with your capacity, our online info and terms/conditions.

Remember YOU must prepare properly – clothing, equipments, sleeping bag, etc.; we do rent sleeping bags but you must email us and confirm.

Remember bookings are NOT confirmed till the 30% deposit is successfully received and you obtain a confirmation email from GER to GER.

Remember advance 30% deposits are “non-refundable”; we are both making commitments as we block off your departure time, make advanced arrangements and more.

Remember YOU are 100% responsible for checking if you require a VISA – we’ll provide VISA letters upon request after 30% deposit was successfully received.

Remember YOU must attend the pre-tour “Responsible Travel” training at least 1 day before departure (1600 at GER to GER Main Ulaanbaatar Office sharp). Failure to attend, will qualify YOU for “Trip Cancellation” – refunds will be issued the next day after deducting the non-refundable 30% deposit (refunds SHALL NOT be issued when we are working with honorable clients).

Remember YOU are 100% responsible to check and prepare your financials (final payments) in advance – cash, credit cards, etc., prior to arriving and making final payments at GER to GER Main Ulaanbaatar Office prior to trip and office “Responsible Travel” training; GER to GER will NO LONGER cover irresponsible travelers’ trip costs – “No payments, No Travel”.

Remember GER to GER reserves the right to NOT SERVE NOR TRAIN those who’s behaviors are questionable (scammers, frauds, trolls, etc.); trips shall be “immediately cancelled” – refunds of unused services will be issued after deducting the 30% non-refundable deposit. Refunds will ONLY be issued in the following days when we are not engaged with works, trainings and/or meetings with clients.